Latin Keyring Flashcards

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A set of printable vocabulary cards that go through the entire book of Henle’s First Year Latin. It amounts to just under 500 vocabulary cards!


This 76-page resource includes all of the vocabulary from the Henle 1 textbook. The flashcards include the translation of the Latin term along with which lesson the term is introduced and all of the grammatical details.

Terms are separated into six sections:

  • Unit 1 - (Lessons 1-6)
  • Unit 2 - (Lessons 7-8)
  • Unit 3 - (Lessons 9-15)
  • Units 4-6 - (Lessons 16-24)
  • Units 7-9 - (Lessons 25-34)
  • Units 10-14 - (Lessons 35-42)

You can print each section on a different color of card stock just so you can quickly sort them back out into lessons.

This resource is included in the Latin with Andy membership.


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