Henle 1 Word Puzzles PDF

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This PDF download resource contains 227 pages of word puzzles coordinating with the Henle 1 vocabulary and grammar. Puzzles include matching, word searches, double puzzles, crosswords, and sudoku. Solutions included.


This 227-page mega bundle of word puzzles helps students strengthen their Latin vocabulary and grammar knowledge with a fun activity. Word puzzles include:

Matching Vocabulary

28 matching vocabulary worksheets to help improve familiarity with the vocabulary. Solutions follow each worksheet.2023 Calendar

Word Searches

25 Word Search puzzles to help students attend to the spelling of Latin vocabulary. For added review, ask students to translate the words they find in the puzzles. Solutions follow each puzzle.

Double Puzzles

In the 31 double puzzles, students first unscramble a vocabulary word that reveals a famous Latin quote. Solutions and a translation of the quote follow each puzzle.

Crossword Puzzles

26 crossword puzzles focusing on vocabulary and grammar rules. Solutions follow each puzzle.

Sudoku Puzzles

4 Sudoku puzzles featuring Roman Numerals. This is just a fun way to play with Roman Numerals. Solutions provided.


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