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Need some help learning Latin at home?

That's how we felt when we first cracked open our Latin books five years ago. 

Latin with Andy (1)

Learning Latin is an important aspect of a truly Classical Education.

When you can see the truths about your own language while studying an orderly and systematic language like Latin, you gain a deeper understanding of how words work. It's a beautiful thing.

Unless absolutely NOTHING MAKES SENSE!!!


Maybe you've never studied a foreign language before,
maybe you're used to learning living languages to converse with living people,
maybe you just don't have the time to devote to figuring it all out on your own...
Latin With Andy

That's how we felt too!

My son, Andy, and I dove into our Latin studies together, and we've fallen in love with the language.

As a busy homeschooling mom, I know that when assignments are piling up, the household chores are neglected, and you feel like things are slipping through the cracks, sometimes I just need a little help to help my middle and high school students push through a tough concept—especially when it's something I didn't learn AT ALL when I was in school.

That’s why we created the Latin with Andy membership site.
We want to partner with you in your pursuit of Latin in hopes that you'll fall in love with it as much as we have, or at least be willing to not kick it to the curb!


Billed Quarterly 

($24 every 3 months)


Billed Annually

($60 yearly)

Here's the good news: It's Easier than you think

Latin with Andy helps your student learn Latin with 3 simple tools:


1. Video Library

Short 2-7 minute videos demonstrating Latin concepts for a solid grammar level understanding of how the language works


2. Printable Resources

Students can download worksheets that correspond with each lesson to follow along with the videos. Grammar mastery charts and other downloads will also be available for download.


3. Online Community

Gain access to a private Facebook group filled with Latin learners to discuss tricky translations and concepts.

Here's what You Get in Latin With Andy

Latin Video Library

Access to hundreds of videos of Latin demonstrations

Latin with Andy preview

Features of the Latin with Andy Video Library:

  • 100s video demonstrating how to work with the Latin language
  • Resources correlate with the First Year Latin Henle text, and now includes resources for the Second Year Latin Henle text as well!  NOTE: ANDY DOESN'T DEMONSTRATE THE EXACT EXERCISES FROM THE BOOK, JUST SIMILAR ONES! See the FAQ for more info.
  • Access for your whole family!
  • Tips and tricks for how to approach Latin studies from a student's perspective
  • Videos organized by lesson with the concept listed in the notes
  • Students can navigate through the lessons at their own pace
  • Go back and review old concepts
  • Start wherever you need help!
  • Ad free learning zone to help your learners focus!

Printable Resources

Download worksheets and charts to enhance learning experience

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Printable Resources Include:

  • Worksheets for students to follow along with the examples in the video
  • Access to ALL of the Family Style Schooling Latin Charts to help students review basic Latin grammar (Declensions and Conjugations) - a $12 value
  • Easy download access to all Latin printables from Family Style Schooling
  • Printable flash cards with vocabulary from the Henle text - a $15 value

Online Community

Connect with other Latin learners 

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Join us on Facebook to talk about Latin! The secret Facebook community features:

  • Opportunities to ask questions about tricky translations
  • Live chats with Andy to walk through your Latin questions
  • Derivative inspiration for connecting Latin to the English language
  • Connecting with other Latin students for more support and encouragement

Want to try it out before you join?

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But what if you just don't like Andy's teaching style?

It's always hard to commit to investing in a learning tool if you don't know if it will work for your family.

Check out Lesson 1 - Nouns of the 1st Declension with all of the features.

Download the lesson worksheets and follow along with the videos. If you love it join the community!



Billed Quarterly 

($24 every 3 months)


Billed Annually

($60 yearly)

  1. Can you suggest how to create a Latin notebook! Last year we used the CC workplace but this year we are going to use your videos. Also, we noticed the tabs on your Latin books, can you explain that system.

    1. It would work well if your students have had at least a year of Essentials. Just take it slow, and it would be a great way to start learning Latin with your kids!

  2. My daughters and I viewed your video, Andy, and we really enjoyed your teaching style. However my daughters are finishing up First Form now and are not planning to transition into Henle until after Third Form. Do you recommend subscribing even though you will be teaching Henle? Any plans to add a series for Form students?
    Thanks for your response.

    Mom Dee Dee, Lily and Olivia

    1. We haven’t used the Form series, so we didn’t have it on our radar at this time. Since the foundations of Latin are the same, I would hope they could go together, it’s just that the two present the material in a different order.

  3. Is it 1 video per leseon or are their several videos per lesson, digging into some of the various exercises?

  4. How often do you do a lesson? Once a day/week/till mastery? I love this and want to use it with my Challenge A student and my second year essentials student. How does it correlate to the Challenge A lessons?

    1. I would just follow the assignments in the Challenge A guide, watching the videos that go with the assigned exercises as you progress. Not every lesson is the same length. With your Essentials student, I would make a goal of making it through the first 3-6 lessons this year. You can go to the end of whichever lesson you want to make it through, find the last exercise and divide that number by however many weeks you’ll be schooling. Then you can see how many exercises they need to complete per week. If they make it through Lesson 6 this year, they can just keep going next year starting with Lesson 7 and they’ll have a huge advantage for starting Latin in Challenge A!

  5. I purchased both the latin noun declension and latin verb declension booklet last year. How different are the exercises from the booklet?

    1. The noun and verb paradigm practice is mostly about memorizing how nouns and verbs are formed. The exercises walk you through how those forms work together to make sentences and much more.

  6. Thanks for making this resource available! We are in Challenge 1. How far through Henle 1 do you have lessons and resources for? Kristie Asimos

      1. Hi, I was just wondering if you were going to be catching up soon to this release schedule? I just purchased because it looked like you would be ahead of where I am at in my class. It looks like you are about 5 lessons behind your projections. Hurry Andy, I need help!!! 🙂

          1. Sorry, I was looking at the worksheet downloads at first, thinking it was the videos. Yay, so excited the videos are done! I really need this help! 🙂 Thank you, and again, sorry for my confusion! 🙂

  7. Hi! I noticed the note saying the special pricing of $24/ 3 months would end in December. Our budget is very tight and I would like to see if these videos help my new Challenge A student. So I was thinking of trying it for 3 months as a trial, but wondering if we will be able to renew at that price if we love it- or will price be more since that would be after December? Thanks for any info you can give!!!

      1. Would you please send me an email also with the same information? I may want to do it for the whole year. Thank you so very much!

          1. I, too, would like to know the options after December 2017. Thanks! Just curious, how old is the young man in the video?

          2. Dana, we have had so much fun with this project that we’ve decided not to raise the price after December. Join whenever you want, and the price will be the same. Andy just turned 17!

      2. Would you send me the email on the options too? I was thinking of trying this for 3 months and after that deciding if we want to renew for another three months or a yearly membership.

    1. Absolutely- many challenge tutors are using this at home to prepare and teach their kids. The videos do not use the same vocabulary as Henle, but the concepts are explained and practiced one exercise at a time!

  8. This sounds awesome!

    Are students to use Latin with Andy WITH Henle, or can it be used independently?
    What ages would this be appropriate for, or what prior knowledge should the student have?
    I currently have a 2nd grader and 5th grader getting their toes wet with Latin using Song School Latin 2.

    1. My recommendation for your 5th grader is to get the Henle book and start really slowly. What I’ve done with my 5th and 6th graders in the past is start getting used to the way the Henle book works by working on a little bit every day (or week) as we gear up towards middle school. It would be great to have some basic understanding of English grammar. Understand that this library has resources for students through high school, so you won’t be able to use all of it, but it’s definitely a fun way to start! Lesson 1 is free, so you’re welcome to try that out (without the book) and see what you think!

  9. Do each of your lessons/videos coorelate to one week in challenge A Classical Conversations? So for example, if my son is on his third week in Challenge A, he would watch Lesdon 3?

    1. Not exactly. Each of the lessons correlate with a lesson in the Henle book. Lesson 3 is longer, so I think Challenge A gets a couple of weeks on that lesson. So you just watch whichever video corresponds to the exercises they’re assigned in the guide.

  10. We are just beginning our homeschool and cc journey. My son is began challenge a at week 7. We are trying to catch up on missed weeks. Do you think this would help us his year or should we wait until beginning challenge b? Trying to figure out how to help us all not be too overwhelmed!

    1. The videos would be a big help for not having to try to figure out what it all means on your own. There are also many charts and flashcards to download and print that would help with learning the grammar even if you’re not all caught up with the class.

    1. Magistrate Jones’s classes are live and walk a group of students through a section of the Henle book. Latin with Andy is more of a video resource library where Andy demonstrates concepts similar to those found in the Henle book (with some different vocabulary). You’ll be able to watch whichever lessons you’re needing help with whenever you want. Hope this helps!

  11. I absolutely love this site. It has saved me hours of confusion. I have also recommended it to my Classical Conversations Challenge class. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to make these videos. You do a wonderful job at teaching and explaining the materials step by step. Thank you!!

  12. I have just discovered this resource, thank you!!! I have a Challenge I student who has fallen behind and we feel he needs to go back and start close to Lesson 7. He will need to catch up to Lesson 36(?) to finish the year to be prepared for Challenge II. Will this resource be able to walk us through all of these lessons? Thank you!

    1. Julie, your situation is very common. As the new concepts pile up, it’s very easy to feel like you’re spiraling out of control! The Henle book says in the introduction (or forward) that a student should master through lesson 26 before moving on to the second year Latin book. The first half of the second year book reviews many of the concepts introduced in the first book. Either way, we’ll have resources to help navigate through the various concepts! We’ll finish videos that cover the first book by the end of March.

  13. Hi! Just checking in before we get all signed up. Thank you by the way for doing this and all of your work. I’ve told several families about already even though we haven’t signed up yet. Is the whole Henle book (all lessons) available? Also, are there videos for every exercise? Thanks!

  14. I will have a Ch A student and a Ch 2 student. Do you have videos for the Henle 2? Also would I have to purchase 2 memberships?

    1. We’re working on Henle 2 lessons this summer, so they should be mostly finished before September. You only need one membership for the whole family, and since it’s just really a resource library, they can both access it at the same time in different areas without messing with one another’s progress.

  15. Hello! Could you please tell me what lessons in Henle 1 you have covered in your videos? Conjugating beyond Unit 4 is melting my mind!

  16. Hi, we’re starting CC CHA mid-year and I’m deciding whether to purchase the Latin companion resource from Magistra Jones or join Latin w/Andy. What might be more beneficial for us? We’ve never done Latin before so it’s all new to us. Thank you!

    1. Sorry for the delayed response! I love everything from Magistra Jones. It really just depends on your learning style. If you learn well with reading explanations, Magistra Jones has done an excellent job of simplifying the Henle text in a way that makes the material accessible. Andy does the same thing but for more visual learners. You may have already made your decision, but I hope this helps!

    1. Yes, you get exactly 1 calendar year from the time you subscribe. The membership will continue to renew until you can cancel, which you can do at any time!

  17. Hello! Help!!! We are finishing up Henle 1 and will be doing Henle 2 next year. I only need a one month subscription for now. (Having trouble with the deponent verbs in indirect questions.) Can I do just the one month or can I split a 3 month–do one month now and two in the fall?

    1. The videos cover all of the Henle 1 book, so you can just follow the guide and select the exercises assigned there. You’ll find all that you need for any assignment through Challenge II there!

  18. Would this be helpful for a 6th grader just starting out in first form Latin.(memoria press)? Or is the lesson format so different it would be too confusing?

    1. I think it might be challenging because it has a different scope and sequence. Henle starts with all the noun declensions before moving on to Verbs, whereas first form introduces the first Declension (Nouns) and first conjugation (verbs) together. Latin with Andy Code Breakers would work great though…it’s our introductory Latin video series. Check it out here.

  19. Hello, we are a CC family that moved to Scotland for my husband’s Phd. Our twins just turned 13 and I’m trying *somewhat* to emulate Challenge A w/o having access to a Challenge community over here :(. I actually purchased the Compass classroom videos b/c the teacher seemed like someone my boys would enjoy. He explains concepts well, has some quizlet vocabulary, and some worksheets and quizzes, but I’m finding the ‘translation/put into practice’ work lacking. Would Latin with Andy help in this? Do the worksheets you offer give the students the repetitive practice they need? Or would this be found mostly in a Henle or similar exercise book?

    1. If you already have good instruction, the Henle book or First Form Latin would be the place you’ll find exercises to really practice the concepts you’re learning. I’m not familiar with Compass classroom, so I don’t know the order that they present the concepts, so you’ll want to pay attention to that! Blessings!

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