Maxima Vipera by Andy Strauss


The story is an adventure tale about a brave soldier, an ancient beast, and a deadly battle. There are four short chapters, and it would be great for students who have made it through most of Henle’s Second Year Latin

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Maxima Vipera PDF

What to expect in the Maxima Vipera PDF download:

  • 35 pages
  • An original adventure story in Latin by Andy
  • Notes on translating
  • A vocab word bank for the whole resource
  • Andy's literal translation
  • Andy's artistic translation

Read the first paragraph in Latin:

In die aestatis, cum tempus necopinatus et praefervidus erat, Ego in agris meis laborabam. Hic mihi non placivit quia miles eram. Ego homines defendere volui. Bellum volui. Regnum, autem, in tempore pacis erat. Itaque erat nemo defendere et nemo oppugnare.

With the literal translation...

On a day of the summer, when the weather was unexpected and very hot, I was working in my fields. This did not please me. I was a soldier. I wished for men to defend. I wanted war. But the kingdom was in a time of peace. Therefore, there was no one to defend and no one to attack.

And the artistic translation...

On a summer day, when the weather was unforeseen and very hot, I was farming in my fields. I didn’t like this. I was a soldier. I wanted men to protect. I wanted war. Even so, the kingdom was undisturbed, so there was no one to protect, and no one to fight.


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