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Bookish Life

Strengthen Your Reading Muscles with the Classics

I recently enjoyed a debate with some teenagers about what makes a good book. We were reading a classic with which they were struggling to connect. This started a lively discussion on the merits of reading this book. Was it a good book? What makes a book good? My final conclusion was that a book…

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What’s on my bookshelf: Challenge III Resources

The Classical Conversations Challenge III program is where the incredible fruits of the entire program just start to explode all around. With Shakespeare, poetry, and philosophy, this is one of my husband’s favorite levels to tutor. This year looks into consequences of choices made in literature, American history, and so much more. As with all…

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What’s On My Bookshelf: Challenge II Resources

The Classical Conversations Challenge II program is one of my favorites. With British literature, artists and composers, and Socratic dialogues, I feel a bit indulgent as a tutor to walk through these studies with students. I love that many of the things I collected from my Foundations years are revisited in Challenge II. It is…

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Free Summer Reading Tracker for CC Students

As we’re wrapping up the school year, I generally start looking at what’s coming next and looking at how to keep the learning going. We’ve participated in many summer reading programs over the years with our local library, and that got me thinking about new fun ways to track our reading. Combining my love of…

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