Book Review: Find More Money by Art Rainer

Find more money

I was given a review copy by B&H Publishing in exchange for a fair review. Homeschoolers, single-income families, and many Americans struggle with balancing their budget. It’s not always because they are not being wise with their money. Art Rainer argues in his book Find More Money that often times there is an income issue…

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Dallas Holocaust Museum: An Upstander for Human Rights

As I read through Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place again with my thirteen year old daughter, the incredible suffering many experienced during the holocaust of World War II humbled me once more. Sometimes it can be challenging in our comfortable worlds to remember how blessed we are. Visiting the Dallas Holocaust Museum is a…

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Strengthen Your Reading Muscles with the Classics

I recently enjoyed a debate with some teenagers about what makes a good book. We were reading a classic with which they were struggling to connect. This started a lively discussion on the merits of reading this book. Was it a good book? What makes a book good? My final conclusion was that a book…

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