Wolf Hollow by Lauren Wolk

Lauren Wolk’s Wolf Hollow is a beautiful tale set in the aftermath of the 2nd World War about a little girl named Annabelle caught up in a web of mystery and suspicion. The very first chapter of the book begins with “The year I turned twelve, I learned how to lie.” This powerful line sets the stage for not only the plot of the story, but also the themes that surround it.


Kindness is Life-Changing

In the wake of two world wars, much of what goes on in this story is left unsaid. The story explores the importance of truth—not just the truth of what happened in the wars, but also the truth of people’s character.

One of the most powerful characters in this story is a man named Toby. A confused and quiet man, Toby is known for wandering, taking photographs, and carrying three large guns on his back at all times. And the guns don’t even work!

As Annabelle gets to know Toby, they both become caught up in a web of lies, and Annabelle begins to hide the truth from her own family.

There comes a beautiful moment, however, near the end. I won’t spoil the details—you have to read this book for yourself. But soon enough, Annabelle’s parents discover that she’s been hiding the fugitive Toby in their barn. Instead of shaming Annabelle and getting rid of Toby, they seek to understand him, they invite him in, and they take care of him.

In response, the wounded man with three broken guns begins to carry one less gun on his back.

There is something incredible about the way that love, attention, and understanding can heal our traumas. Kindness can be life-changing, as it was to Toby. We ought to trust that God’s kindness pouring out of us is much more powerful than we might imagine.

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