Nova by Chuck Black

My family first started reading Chuck Black novels after attending a homeschool convention and stumbling across his Kingdom series, which loosely follows the big picture story of the Bible but is set in medieval times with knights and swords. Then we read his Wars of the Realm series, which is a mash-up of a Jason Bourne movie with This Present Darkness vibes. This series is one my kids have read and re-read so many times. It's just so well written.

Somehow I missed that Chuck Black started a new series, and I'm five books behind! So I picked up the first in The Starlore Legacy which looks like it's going to have a total of twelve books to complete the story. It looks like one book comes out per year, so I'm going to have to wait for a while to get to the end!

Nova by Chuck BlackNova by Chuck Black
Series: Starlore Legacy #1
Published by Perfect Praise Publishing on November 18, 2019
Genres: Fiction, Christian, Classic & Allegory
Pages: 254
Format: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook, Audiobook
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Brae, a twelve-year-old girl, is fascinated with the stars. She asks her dad to tell her of the ancient days to time travel through story. He begins, "The quest for immortality became an obsession, not just for a few, or for the wealthy, but for all of humanity."

Daeson Lockridge, a cousin of Prince Linden, was born into a world obsessed with immortality. He and his cousin rank highest as cadets flying Starcraft at the academy. His future seems to be bright until he meets a lowly mechanic from the drudge class who changes everything.

Nova is another novel that loosely follows the Biblical storyline of Moses. This is a tricky element for me because I kept getting distracted by trying to figure out what part of Moses's story Chuck Black was representing, as it is definitely not a direct retelling in a futuristic world.

However, I really loved the story. It is a fascinating blend of science fiction with all of the science explained and a dystopian novel with the veneer of the world not being as perfect as it seems. Daeson's discovery unleashes a world of trouble that would be hard to recover from but provides the perfect motivation for reading the next book in the series.


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