Gearing Up for Gardening

While we are far from professional or even proficient gardeners, we try to grow herbs and vegetables every year. Our yard doesn’t offer much room for these endeavors, so we must get creative. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite resources that I look to when planning out our garden. 

We recently ran across this inspiring documentary called The Biggest Little Farm. This film tells the story of a couple and their dog as they strive to create a biodiverse farm in California. Their story inspired me as it showed the incredible design of God’s creation as they worked to grow food in complete coexistence with nature. Everything had a purpose. Check out the trailer here:

While we don’t have the drive or the space to create a garden of that magnitude, I’m inspired by their story to continue learning about gardening right where I live. 

Making a Plan for Your Garden

First, you must decide your gardening purpose. My husband’s parents have created an incredible oasis in their backyard. And while I love spending time there, our garden pursuits lean more towards growing food, so it just looks different. 

My husband is so excited about planning his garden this year. He found this cute garden journal at Target to plan and keep track of his garden adventures. 

Clyde’s Garden planner reminds me of those grading sliders teachers used to use. What a great tool for keeping track of planting and harvesting times for so many different veggies.

How to Start a Spring Garden - If you have room for raised beds, this guide to planning your spring garden is inspiring! There’s also a free PDF planner.

Starting from Seeds:

I’m always so excited to get started growing before it’s really time for plants to survive outside. Deanna’s Seed Starting 101 is an incredible resource for getting a jump start on your spring garden.

Rebecca shares 5 Easy Vegetables to Start Indoors. This would be a great place to start!

I love that there are so many different containers where you can start seeds in! Eggshells might be pricy, but yogurt cups or k-cups might be something we could use to get started with things we already have!

If you’re still not feeling confident, we’ve had great success with grow lights in our AeroGarden, or you could use this seed starter kit with a grow light

Getting Creative with Gardening

These Potato Grow bags would revolutionize growing your own potatoes! It’s always so hard to know when they’re ready, but the harvest windows on these would be so fun to check!

Amy shares so many cute ways to label all of your plants

I would love to attract butterflies to my garden with these cute butterfly feeders

Even though we don’t focus on flowers, vegetable gardening depends on pollinators. I always like to use wildflower mix somewhere in my garden to welcome garden helpers. 

Time to Hit the Books

I always start my research by surrounding myself with good books to learn from. Here are some great options for education and inspiration:

If you still struggle growing things in your yard, you can always shift to fairy gardening. It’s much more forgiving!

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