The Father Heart of God by Floyd McClung

I recently picked up a book that my nieces have been raving about: The Father Heart of God by Floyd McClung. He writes this book because he's discovered that most people don't know God as a loving father. While I had a loving father, he died when I was 25. I felt the tug of the orphan spirit that felt like it defined me. This book offers such a beautiful perspective on how God's fatherly love is perfect, complete, and healing.

The Father Heart of God by Floyd McClungThe Father Heart of God by Floyd McClung
Published by Harvest House Publishers on January 1, 2004
Genres: Religion, Christian Living, General
Pages: 144
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An international bestseller (more than 100,000 in print in the U.S.)—now with a new cover and interior design.
This timeless classic with worldwide appeal (over 1.2 million in print in 32 languages) freshly reveals the freedom and healing that come from discovering God as the perfectly reliable Father—eager to meet every need, ready to give His love. Readers will learn

how to deal with heart issues that prevent them from calling God "Father"
how the Father's compassion heals the deep emotional wounds caused by earthly fathers who don't know how to love...or who just aren't there
how relationships can be restored and homes reunited

A superb resource for discipleship and counseling. Includes study guide.

Leaving behind the Orphan Spirit

My second daughter was six months old when my dad passed away. Six months later, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. The next year, my husband's father retired from his ophthalmology practice and went into full time medical missions, which basically meant they were moving to Africa.

In the six short years, my husband and I transitioned into becoming parents without parents. Even though it was not true, I felt that aloneness of the orphan spirit. My mom was sick and needed care, so I lost my footing on who I could turn to in this time of trouble.

But this isn't the full story. McClung demonstrates the perfection of God as a father, while offering tremendous grace to imperfect parents who are just, "Kids that grew up and had kids." Have you thought much about:

  • the tender authority of God?
  • His faithful presence in your life when others may have been absent?
  • His incredible generosity of forgiveness, mercy, and love?
  • How beautiful you are to him?
  • How is Father God always delighted in you when others seem to not notice?
  • His unconditional love for you?
  • How open and warm God is in his communication with you?

This book has power to reframe the squewed narrative you've been believing. If we really believe God is a good father, could that actually change how we love others?

I highly recommend this read!


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