Romans 8 Latin Workbook

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The Romans 8 Latin & Greek Workbook is a Latin, Greek, and English parallel printable guide to studying Romans 8 verse by verse to gain a deeper understanding of the language.


The Romans 8 Latin, Greek, and English Workbook PDF is a downloadable file with the Vulgate, SLB Greek New Testament, and KJV of the Bible side by side. Students can learn Latin as they observe the patterns and compare them to the English translation.

Students walk through the passage with these Bible study strategies:

1. What do you see?
2. Highlight the nouns in one color.
3. Highlight the verbs in a different color.
4. What words in Latin remind you of words in
5. Look for repeating words.
6. Parse several words in the passage.
7. Don’t despise basic observations!


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