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4 FREE Inspirational Coloring Sheets

By on June 24, 2019

I love the pace of summer. Even though we generally have a variety of different events that mess up the routine, the overall pace of summer is restful. The sun slows me down, invites me to soak in its goodness, and reminds me of God's faithfulness.

Sometimes we need reminding of these truths that seemed so obvious to us at one time. I've shared some coloring sheets before because I love the way that they help one meditate on ideas. When you're creating something lovely that speaks of something beautiful, your soul responds to the harmony it hears. Here are four coloring sheets to encourage your soul!

I Am Worthy

Often we don't feel worthy of much, and that is true because we can't bring anything good to the table without God working through us. We often miss God's goodness, however because we decide that he can't use us because we know how lacking we are. It's that law of protection that rejects someone first before you get rejected. It doesn't work in God's economy though.


Oh How He Loves Me

The reason that we can trust Him is because of His great love. His love isn't dependent upon our performance, because he loved us before we were lovely. His love is relentless, reckless, and reliable. We can learn to trust Him more as we ponder His great love.


Bloom With Grace

Learning to trust is a bumpy road. There will be many missteps along the way that can tempt us to turn away. However, if we allow God's love to grow in our hearts, we can show ourselves grace as he works the impurities out of our lives. It is a process that requires much grace.


God is Love

Our relationship will continue to grow as we learn that our mistakes are not bothersome to our God. He's not impatient or harsh. He's not waiting for us to learn our lesson, but he's calling us to a relationship. It's his nature because God is love. Isn't that a glorious thing?


Enjoy these free coloring sheets and remember the beautiful truths as you make lovely art!

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Designing a She Shed for Your Teenager

By on June 10, 2019

It all started with a cardboard box and a creative teenager. Last Christmas I ordered a new chair for the living room and my daughter confiscated the box. She said she'd only keep it for a week, but then I saw what she made out of it. It was the most creative box clubhouse I'd ever seen. I talked her dad into letting her keep invading his workshop for a little longer, and then she started making bump outs. This kid needed a real project, so for her 13th birthday she built a she-shed with her dad in the back yard!

Last summer my son wanted to fix up our back yard a bit, so he came up with a deck project for him and his dad to complete. They had some left over decking materials, so they added a little deck space on the other side of the yard.

The problem with this side of the yard is that it is either in full sun, or getting Pecan tree sap dropped all over it. No one wanted to sit over there, so it gave us the perfect base for our she-shed.

So we mapped out the space and dreamed up a design and my two little worker bees got to work! I scoured Pinterest for inspiration and we found these two projects extremely helpful:

This project offered great opportunities to learn the basics of building from how to drive a nail, to framing walls and a roof. Our baby girl worked hard at every stage of the project. It's easy to overlook my baby because she's my youngest, but I'm learning to let her grow up and do amazing things like this!

March surprised them with chilly temps for Texas, but that didn't slow down these two workers. They finished the whole roof in a day!

I was more interested in the design of the space. We found some used windows at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. My husband made sure to frame out the windows to fit our unique window sizes.

Since the decking was pieced together, it was a little uneven in some places. That was just fine under the table, but once it was the front entry of the clubhouse, we needed to reinforce it a bit. We found this fun flooring at IKEA, and it worked beautifully as a sidewalk with grass to the front door.

They painted all of the inside white and laid some easy peel and stick vinyl tile on the small 8'x6' floor. This will help keep the place clean while offering a little bit of style!

My girlie couldn't have been more proud of her outdoor retreat:

I found this sensory-friendly water-resistant crash pad at Target that made a perfect window bench cushion. My husband built the little bench system with scraps from the build. It was a great use of the materials!

On the back wall we hung this cute SKADIS pegboard from IKEA to organize all of her treasures. A clear tray at the bottom holds all of her bouncy balls.

On the other side of the space, we mounted the NORBERG wall-mounted drop-leaf table from IKEA to provide a little desk space for working on her school work.

This table is a great space saver for the small footprint of this room.

We also tried to use all of the framing as built in shelving. Her friend even gave her a cute hexagon letter board for her birthday that fit perfectly in the space.

This project quickly became a family favorite. I wanted to help her realize her clubhouse dream so that I could go and enjoy the space with her. I'm looking forward to endless fun in this cute little space for all of us!

It's amazing how this little underwhelming deck space can turn into a backyard highlight. The best part is that my little girl experienced her creative engineering come to life.

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How to Sew a Simple Bible Study Pen Pouch

By on April 8, 2019

Having a pen handy when I'm at church or just reading my Bible is important because I always want to write down my notes when I'm reading. This simple Bible study pen pouch is quick to sew, super inexpensive, and keeps your pen handy to jot down your thoughts when you need to write them down.

My dad always valued writing in his Bible because he felt like it left a treasure map of his faith for his family. When he passed away, he left me a Bible with notes written directly to me. It is my greatest inheritance from him. I'm working on keeping that tradition for my own kids.

Bible Study Pen Pouch

"Underlined" by Billy Gaines

The song that my dad referenced frequently went like this:

I found my mother's bible

it was just the other day

I watched the treasures of her heart

unfold with every page

well she's gone to be with Jesus now

of her thoughts I can't inquire

I could not have found more clearer written will of her desire

Underlined were the words about commitment

Underlined were the words about contentment

Underlined were precious promises that calmed her doubts and fears

Underlined the words that spawned the love

she'd shown throughout the years

I remember most the things she'd emphasized

I knew her heart by things she'd underlined....

Underlined by Billy Gaines

This is such a beautiful description of what my father did for me. I'm so thankful for him sharing his thoughts with me in this way.

Bible Study Pen Pouch Supplies

Here's what you need to make your own Bible study pen pouch:

  • Fabric (I picked up a remnant for $1.18 that could make about 5 of these pouches)
  • Elastic - width of your choice depending on the size of your Bible (I had some left over from a skirt project)
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Thread

Step 1: Cut Out Your Pieces

I cut three 2 1/2" x 11" strips. One will be my pouch, and the other two will be the front and back of my pouch.

Step 2: Sew The Pouch

Take one of your strips and double fold one end down. Then sew two lines across the top. This will reenforce the part of your pouch that will receive the most action as you put pens in and take them out.

Step 3: Pin Your Pieces Together

Place your pouch piece where you'd like it to go and then put the back side on top of the other two with right sides facing together. Pin them together.

Step 4: Sew & Turn

Sew straight lines on either side of the pouch, leaving the top and bottom open. Then turn the pouch right side out. Be careful to not turn your pouch the wrong direction. If your pouch seems inside out when you turn it, then just turn the pouch as well.

At this point, you'll want to iron your pouch so that it all lays flat nicely.

Step 5: Sew On the Elastic

Fold the unsown ends in and insert the elastic. Sew a straight line across to attach the elastic. I like to start with one end, then check the size and fit again before finishing sewing the other end. Once you're happy with your size, fold in the other end, insert the elastic and sew a straight line across.

And you're done! Slide it on, insert your pens and enjoy!

Bible Study Pen Pouch

My Bible is a hard back journaling Bible, and it works great with the hard back. My mom loved my Bible study pen pouch and she wanted me to make one for her! It also worked well on her soft, leather bound Bible. We just slid it closer to the binding.

Bible study pen pouch

I have plenty more fabric to make a couple more! These would make great gifts with a cute journal as well, and they only take a few minutes to make.

Happy crafting!

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Teach Your Child to Sew with 100 Inspiring Projects

By on November 12, 2018
100 Sewing projects

Recently my daughter has befriended a 94 year old woman at our church. This relationship is precious to me because the 80 years of life experience is inspiring my young daughter. One of her wise friend's most impressive skills is her ability to sew. This is a skill and an art that can bless my daughter for the rest of her life, so I've gathered 100 projects to inspire her sewing practice!

100 Sewing projects

Sewing Projects for Beginners

The basics of sewing are important to master before biting off a project that is bigger than you can handle *been there...done that. We've worked on the grammar of sewing with our hot/cold packs (these make awesome gifts).

The Grammar of Sewing

Projects that involve small amounts of fabric and straight lines are a great place to start! Here are some other fun projects to get your sewing skills warmed up:

(1) a journaling pencil holder

(2) fabric coasters

(3) earbud pouch

(4) fabric scrap bookmarks

(5) pen and planner holder

(6) heart bookmarks from scraps

(7) tic-tac-toe game

(8) personalized notebook cover

An excellent tutorial from Sew Much Ado

(9) cute zipper pouch

(10) easy women's boxer shorts

Simple Bags that are Sew Inspired

I have to admit that I might just have a slight addiction to bags. I love having cute bags to pack my books or laptop in when I'm heading out the door. Bags make great projects for beginner sewers because they're fun to make and they make great gifts as well!

(11) Fold up market tote

These are beautiful bags from Purl Soho

(12) custom laptop sleeve 

(13) a cute travel jewelry organizer

(14) fabric chapstick holder

(15) sturdy fabric basket

(16) simple drawstring basket

Cute bag from Gluesticks Blog

(17) Quick and easy reusable snack bag

(18) Easy Cloth Tote Bag

(19) Eco Friendly Tote Bag

(20) 30 min zipper pouch

(21) Retro Oval Messanger Bag (I'd love this one!)

(22) Car Diddy Bag

(23) Half Square Triangle Pouch

(24) Gerbera Wristlet Purse

Custom Comfort Sewing Projects

I'm also quite obsessed with soft fabrics and blankets and anything that keeps me warm in the winter. There are so many fun projects that involve cozy comforts that I'd love to tackle.

(25) Star Wars Snuggle Blanket

(26) Flannel + Fur Blanket

I'd love to snuggle in this cozy blanket from Sweet Red Poppy

(27) How about a planket (I've always known these as Quillows)

(28) Cozy Flanel PJ Pants

(29) Snuggly Sleep Mask

(30) Boutique Blanket

(31) Sew Slippers

These look super soft and snuggly from Melly Sews

(32) DIY Flannel Blankets

(33) DIY $3 Heating Pad

Sewing Accessories

If you have some leftovers from another project, or if a big project just seems overwhelming, these fun accessories can be great projects to cultivate your sewing skills:

(34) Knot Bow Scrunchie

(35) Athletic Headbands

(36) More Headband Tutorials

Tested headband designs from Swoodson Says

(37) Creaseless Hair Ties (actually no sewing involved here...would make fantastic gifts!)

(38) Fabric Headbands

(39) Messy Bun Beanie

(40) Fleece Neck Warmer

(41) Infinity Travel Scarf

And a couple that are just too cute!

(42) DIY Cord Tacos

(43) DIY Candy Wrapper Key Fobs

These candy key fobs from Lazy Girl Designs would make great gifts!

Succulent Inspired Sewing

It is no secret that I have a succulent loving kid around my house. We've had garden inspired parties, given succulent themed valentines, and created botanical coloring sheets. Of course it would be fun to expand the love to the cloth realm with some succulent sewing projects:

(44) Cactus Oven Mitts 

(45) DIY Felt Cactus

These desert cuties from Wool Felt by Benzie are SEW cute!

(46) DIY Felt Cactus Keychains

(47) Cactus Pin Cushion Tutorial

(48) Llama and Cactus Decorations

Sewing for the Kitchen

If you're looking for a more practical sewing project, sewing for the kitchen offers some great useful opportunities to make some really cute things:

(49) Vintage Apron

(50) Modern Apron

(51) Simple Pot Holders

These pot holders from Radiant Home Studio are sew much cuter than what I could find at the store!

(52) Double Oven Mitt

(53) Two-Hand Casserole Pot Holder

(54) Fabric Bowl Covers

(55) Microwave Bowl Cozy

(56) Tea Wallet

(57) Simple tortilla cozy 

(58) DIY Picnic Blanket 

Sewing for Babies & Kids

Every time I'm in the fabric store, I love to feel all of the baby fabrics. They are so soft and sweet. Toys are also a fun way to practice sewing skills. Making some simple projects can be a great way to have easy gifts for any babies that come into your life:

(59) Easiest Burp Rags

(60) Fabric Letters

(61) Felt Paper Dolls

(62) Fabric Baby Blocks

Babies will love these soft blocks from Sew What Alicia

(63) Felt tag animal

(64) Tiny Dino Plush

(65) Stuffed Animal Robe

(66) Little Chicken Bean Bags

Christmas Inspired Sewing Projects

The holidays are a great time to practice sewing some seasonal themed projects. There are some great decorating ideas and gifting ideas here:

(67) Mini Stockings

(68) Fabric Gift Bags

These bags from Skip to My Lou would make wrapping those odd shapes easy!

(69) Simple Christmas Pillowcase

(70) Cutlery Pockets Tutorial

(71) Simple Tree Ornaments

(72) Santa Hat Chair Covers

(73) Snowflakes Tutorial

(74) Christmas Tree Skirt

(75) Reversible Holiday Placemats

Sewing Clothing

My true goal is to help my girls be able to know how to sew clothing for themselves. Our culture is so far removed from making anything that we use, and I think it's important to not let ourselves become too dependent upon stores to make and supply everything we need. These look like some inspiring projects:

(76) Basic Leggings would be fun


(77) DIY Tee Dress

(78) Gorgeous Liberty Dress

(79) Elastic Waist Tank Dress

(80) Color Blocked Maxi Dress

What a great way to reuse old shirts from Sewing!

(81) Girls A-line Pullover Dress

(82) Criss Cross Maxi Dress

(83) Classic Tee Midi Dress


(84) Three Tier Skirt

(85) Three Tier Ruffle Skirt

(86) Summer Skirt

I love the waist on this summer skirt from Life Sew Savory

(87) Flattering Gathered Skirt

(88) Half Circle Maxi Skirt

(89) Knit Half Circle No Zipper Skirt


(90) Easy Peasy Shirt

(91) Perfect Slouchy Sweatshirt

I'd love to snuggle up with a good book in this slouchy sweatshirt from It's Always Autumn

(92) Breezy Tee Tunic

(93) Slouchy Batwing Top

(94) The Breezy Tee

(95) The Easy Tee

(96) The Breezy Tee Long Sleeve Add-On

(97) Classic Tee w/ Elbow Sleeve

(98) Raglan Tee Shirt

(99) V-Neck T-Shirt

(100) Easy Tee with Cuffed Sleeves

With more than enough inspiration to keep us sewing for a while, I'm hoping to fill our winter months with projects that are sew much fun! Enjoy!

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Succulent Valentines with Strawberry Crinkle Cookies

By on January 19, 2018

Since I was sick over the Christmas holidays, I really missed out on the baking fun I usually enjoy with my kids. Thankfully Valentines Day is right around the corner, and that offers options for more baking fun. My daughter created these cute little succulent Valentines tags to add to our treats, and we have instant gifts for teachers and friends. Keep reading for the free printable version of the tags and bookmarks to add to your Valentines treats!

My daughter has been in love with succulents for the past couple of years. Last year we even had a "planty party" for her birthday. She's worked hard to learn how to tend to them. I've loved watching her grow in her gardening love. It didn't take long for me to figure out why she was so enamored with these beautiful plants.


She's also been cultivating her love of water-coloring these fascinating plants. I love a good Valentines pun, so I thought it would be fun for her to create some artsy tags that we could adorn treat bags with for our Valentines this year. She set to work, and came up with some beautiful options!

There are six different varieties to choose from, and as a bonus, there are two bookmark options as well to print off and give away as well.

Supplies we used:

Download your Succulent Valentines Tags here!

You can fill your treat bags with candy, cute erasers or other non-candy options. We opted for a fresh baked option, which was a simple twist to a classic Christmas crinkle cookie...I love those!

Strawberry Crinkle Cookies

These Strawberry Crinkle Cookies are so simple to make, and they taste as amazing as they look!

Supplies needed:

  • 1 Box strawberry cake mix
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 cup of vegetable oil
  • powdered sugar

So all you do is combine the cake mix (you can use any cake mix by the way) with two eggs and the 1/4 cup of vegetable oil and mix. Once you have a cookie-dough consistency, use a melon baller scoop for a small cookie, or a regular ice cream scoop for a big cookie. Roll your cookie ball in some powdered sugar and place on a tray. Leave room between cookies so that as they spread out they don't cook into one another.

Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.

One large cookie, or three small cookies fit perfectly into the treat bags. These tasty treats won't last long, so you might as well make two boxes!

Happy Valentines baking!

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