20 Fun Granny Squares Projects to Get Started with Crochet

I have been obsessed with granny squares lately. I had no idea that they were so simple and fun to crochet. Granny squares provide practice that builds into something bigger. There's a low sense of danger in messing up the project because if you mess something up, it's a small piece to fix. AND there are so many variations on the one concept, that you can keep trying new things! You can use leftover yarn or grab your favorite colors to create a unique design of your own.

Crocheting Supplies You'll Need

The beauty of this project is that you don't need much to get started.

  • Some crochet hooks and yarn needles. This kit includes all the crochet hook sizes you'd ever need along with some yarn needles and little scissors.
  • Yarn of your choice! Make sure to match your hook to the yarn size.
granny squares

First Pick Your Granny Square Design

I tried this daisy granny square first and it turned out so cute.

Next I tried this colorful granny square. Even though I was not sure about switching colors this often, I have found it so fun and relaxing to work on! I'm currently making a blanket with these granny squares.

But there are so many more options that I would love to try:

What You Can Make with Granny Squares

1. Make a blanket

The most obvious thing people do with granny squares is make a blanket. This just requires a large number of squares depending on how big you want your blanket!

2. Or Maybe a Baby Blanket

Take the project down a notch with a cute little baby blanket. This would be such a sweet gift at a baby shower.

3. Granny Square Pillow

If a blanket seems too overwhelming, maybe a pillow cover would be a good place to start!

4. Colorful Pillow Cover

If you'd like to get a little bit more colorful with your pillow cover, you could try this:

5. Granny Square Book Cover

Turn one little granny square into a cute little book cover for your favorite book!

Bags with Granny Squares

6. Granny Square Bag with only Two Granny Squares!

If you want to try a quick project with granny squares, this little bag would be a perfect place to start.

7. Small book bag with Granny Squares

This would also be a fun way to try out a new granny square pattern without having to mass produce the little squares. This would make a perfect book bag or bible bag for church!

8. Cross Body Bag

This cute little bag only uses a couple of granny squares, but could make a great project.

9. Granny Square Tote

This bag is on my list to make. It is just so cute, and I may have a slight addiction to tote bags. I also love the idea of lining this bag and incorporating some sewing practice to the crochet project.

10. Granny Square Sunflower Circle Base Bag

I'd love to make this cute little bag. It would make a great yarn bag!

11. Large Granny Square Tote

If you're looking for a little bigger of a project, this bag could be so fun to make!

Wearing Granny Squares

12. Granny Square Shawl

If you're looking for a fun project to use those granny squares in a wearable project, this shawl would be a great place to start.

13. Short Granny Square Cardigan

14. Chunky Granny Square Cardigan

Apparently Harry Styles brought the granny square craze back, and this tutorial walks you through making one for yourself:

15. One Color Granny Square Cardigan

If you think granny square cardigans are only for the bold, check out this beautiful one-color cardigan:

16. Granny Square Sweater

I don't know why the idea of crocheting something that is meant to fit perfectly scares me, but this little granny square sweater seems approachable.

17. Solid Color Granny Square Sweater

This single color granny square sweater seems like another great option for a project that would be great for beginners!

18. Or this Granny Square Sweater

I love that this project features the granny squares in the body of the sweater, but uses simple stitches for the sleeves.

19. Create a Granny Square Shrug with One Big Granny Square

I love the idea of continuing to build the granny square out into one giant granny square and then turning it into a cute shrug like this:

20. A Granny Square Poncho for Toddlers

This is just the cutest thing ever, and would probably be fun to make for dolls as well.

What will you create?

With so many fun options for getting creative with granny squares, it feels like a great way to get creating with your hands while you work on projects. I love listening to audio books and crocheting. It's a productive fidget tool!

So what will you create with granny squares? I would love to know if you've done this before and what you made!


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