Because He Cares Free Coloring Sheet

I have felt alone more than often lately. When that happens, my mind travels down the list of woes from my life. I've had my share of hardships, but that's not the whole story of my life. It is tempting to believe that it is when I don't feel like getting out of bed, or answering the phone, or taking care of myself. It is in those times that I need to take those thoughts captive and replace them with Truth.

My God, my love, is always with me. I'm never alone and I can cast all of that anxiety on Him because He truly cares for me. What a great Truth to hold on to at all times. Grab your free coloring sheet here and play a game with me. Let me explain:

My Love is Famous

I love when Spring arrives. The fresh leaves on the trees, the blooms of purple and white, and the persistent flowers that break through the hard earth remind me that death is not forever. New life is coming and there is genuine hope in that.

Two sweet friends are getting married this Spring. These two precious brides have been waiting patiently for God to bring the right groom into their lives, and you can see it in their faces: they are in love! It reminded me of my engagement and introducing my love to my family and friends. I wanted to share all of his incredible attributes with anyone who would listen!

But I have an even greater love: God! And I could talk about His incredible attributes for the rest of my life and never exhaust them. That is the person that cares for me!

Here's the Game: Not Only That...

Think of something incredible about God. Then think, "Not only that..." and add another incredible attribute to the list. This would be a great game to play at dinner, in the car, or while you're taking a walk around the block with your kids.

Do they know how incredible your Love is? Not the love that you offer them, but the God that you serve. When you're in a relationship like that, or when others see that lovesickness, they can't help but yearn for it themselves. So let's play:

  • My Love spoke a word and created the heavens and the earth!
  • Not only that, but he designed gravity in such a way that we stay on a rock that is flying through space without being squished to it! That's pretty impressive.
  • And He designed light in such a way that it could both keep us warm and allow us to see beautiful colors. Who thinks of these things?
  • My Love designed microscopic cells in my body with a user manual so that they would know exactly what needed to be done so that I could breathe without even having to think about it. Ingenious!
  • Not only that, but He is the highest authority over men, animals, the weather, and time. So basically He's the high king over everything.
  • And He loves me!
  • Not only that, but He's incredibly patient with me.
  • And He's so intentional!
  • He loves to communicate His love.
  • Not only that, but He walked through the fire with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego and kept them from burning alive—a fire turned up seven times hotter than normal—and they didn't even smell like smoke. If He can do that, He can do it again!

He Does Care and We Need to Remember

I recently listened to C.S. Lewis's The Silver Chair again. Aslan, the king of Narnia, gives one of the children three signs to remember. She thinks it won't be challenging at all. But as she moves farther from Aslan and more into the crowds of unfamiliar people, the signs fade from her memory. Aslan instructs her five times to remember.

I think that means that remembering is something that requires intentional effort. We must remember that He cares for us, and also what we know about the "He" that does the caring. It is life-changing.

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