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I am pretty sure it was Andrew Kern who first inspired me to consider the concept of "you become what you behold." He would follow up this statement with, "Behold the Lamb." Beauty is relegated to the land of personal preference and therefore often overlooked in its importance for our soul.

My daughter is sharing some doodling coloring sheets with us today from her love of beholding the beauty of God's creation as well as the beauty of His Word. We're also sharing some great book recommendations for stirring your heart towards beauty!

doodle with me

Grab your Romans 8 Doodle with Me sheets here! And doodle with Alyssa here:

Or download a quote from Wittgenstein doodle sheets here!

Doodle with Me Contemplations

In their senior year in Classical Conversations, students must pick an issue to argue with a ten-page thesis as well as stand before a panel of judges in front of a crowd and be prepared to defend it. My art-loving daughter is arguing about the importance of beauty in our lives.

doodle with me

Here are some great books we've found along the way that have inspired our love of beholding beauty:

On Beauty and Faith by Alabaster Co.

On Beauty and Faith by Alabaster Co. talks about the connections of beauty to our deeper and spiritual lives. And while it describes the depths and intricacies of beauty’s impact on us, it also explains how that impact is crucial for impacting the world. 

Beholding and Becoming by Ruth Chou Simmons

In Beholding and Becoming, Ruth Chou Simons, in the most loving way, invites us to take a look at our lives and reassess what we worship, the main theme being we are what we behold. This book teaches how to worship God in the everyday. 

Not only is her book filled with beautiful timeless truths, but her artwork fills the pages. It is inspiring intellectually and visually.

Culture Care and Art & Faith by Makoto Fujimura

In Culture Care, Fujimura explains the interconnectedness of beauty and culture. He addresses the state of our world and proposes a theology of beauty that is powerful enough to fill the depravity in which we live and how we as artists can contribute.

He continues his thoughts of partnering with God in creation in Art & Faith: A Theology of Making. He calls his readers to consider reclaiming our creative capacities as necessary parts of our faith journey. Our imaginations are a gift from God.

On Beauty and Being Just by Elaine Scarry

On Beauty and Being Just argues for the validity and need for beauty in our society today. Scarry convinces that we as humans seek out beauty as a part of our humanity; furthermore, that beauty in our lives becomes a launching point for justice and an overall responsibility for our world. 

Adorning the Dark by Andrew Peterson

I have recommended this book so many times, and it is worth mentioning again. Adorning the Dark introduces us to a different kind of creative lifestyle in a way that is simple to begin. He honestly explains the realities and hardships of being a creator for the creator while simultaneously highlighting the infinite blessings that overshadow any difficulty. The audible version is absolutely my favorite.

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Make sure to grab your free doodle with me downloads and get coloring! We'd love to see your creations!

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