Spread the Word – Road Map Month 10

We're almost through the Bible. We only have one more month until we reach the end! It is amazing how far we've come in such a short time.

If you've been reading through *most of the Bible in a year with us, you know that the Messiah has come and gone, but he left a helper—the Holy Spirit. These are exciting times to be living. The word needs to be spread, and Rome has done a great job of making roads to reach the nations and unifying the language to communicate the message. This month we'll be reading through the letters that the leaders of the early Church sent out to the believers to encourage them in their walk. We can keep the message going by spreading the same words to those around us.

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    Write it Down

    Without the printing press, the only way to share the message was write out a copy. Scribes meticulously copied every word to pass it on accurately. If you want to be good at spreading the Word, you need to get to know the Word. Writing it down is a great way to do that.

    My daughter loves to copy artistic versions of verses from her She Reads Truth BibleIt doesn't have to be this artistic. A simple lined notebook and a pencil will do. My younger daughter also loved the A Reason for Handwriting books that practiced her handwriting by writing out scriptures. Writing it out gets it in your mind and creates an opportunity for you to pass on a good word to someone else.

    Post it on a Letter Board

    We love our letter board for displaying verses. The reason that these boards are so effective is that you read them every time you see them. Posting scripture keeps it out in the open for everyone to read and be reminded of as they pass by.

    Put it on Display

    You don't have to have a letter board to post scripture. You can print off a coloring sheet to create your own scripture art.

    There are so many beautiful art pieces out there that you can put up on your wall to continue to put God's Word before you.

    Give Your Kids Room to Doodle

    I love my craft paper roll up in our school room. There is so much paper on this roll, that I think it will last a lifetime! This has been such a fun way to have some rotating artwork up on the wall. We don't change it too frequently, but it's great to let my kids express themselves with scripture!

    God's Word wasn't just meant to be hidden in our homes though. It needs to be shared outside with the world. The best way to be prepared to share is to be familiar with God's Word. It starts with hiding it in your heart so that you'll always be ready to give an answer for the hope that you have.

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