A Stylish White Board Alternative

I know Andrew Pudewa will totally disapprove when he learns that my white board did not make the cut for my new homeschool space, but there was really no room for it. The goal of designing a home library was to have a multi-purpose room that the whole family (and all of our friends) could enjoy all day long past school hours. No fears Andrew Pudewa, there will still be a place to write ideas up on the wall, it just isn't white or dry-eraseable.

I found this awesome wall mounted studio roller that I thought would be super functional and stylish, but when I saw the price tag, I about died! I couldn't justify the expense, however, I ran across this inexpensive IKEA alternative, and my husband agreed to make it for me.

It is such an excellent alternative to a white board because it's serves so many additional purposes. We mounted ours to a piece of leftover chalk board from the old school room because if I let my kids write on this, you know the wall will become an extension of the paper. Why not add an extra layer of protection.

Many people don't even have a home school room, so if you're one of those people who has never had a white board up on the wall because your school area doubles as a dining room, this would be a perfect solution. During the day it can be a fun place to work out writing ideas, memory work, or inspirational quotes. At night, the school can leave the room, and you can post a dinner party menu.

Here are some of my favorite uses for my kraft paper roll white board alternative:

Memory Work Display

We've been reviewing pronouns recently, so I put them up on our board to help add a visual element to their memory work. It's much easier to doodle on kraft paper than it is on a white board! It almost feels like a big version of my bullet journal.

When we move on to a new piece of memory work, I now have a custom poster to hang up in my kid's room, extending the life of my effort.

Just because I have to eventually tear the paper off isn't really a disadvantage at all. I can hang their memory work in another room in the house and keep using my kraft roll in other ways...like as scrap paper!

Scrap Paper

Since my daughter is in Challenge A, we are always looking for big paper to draw continents on where they will fit. This paper makes the drawing more fun, and it gives her plenty of space to work out her drawings. It's wonderful.

Additionally, my kids are always looking for ways to make a mess, which I really don't mind. However I don't really want to mess up the surface of my school table, so I like for them to put something down under their art station. Since I don't get a physical news paper anymore, it's great to have this paper readily available to keep my table protected.

Inspirational Messages

I love to post inspirational quotes and scripture around the room. Since I enjoy doodling, it's fun to have a place to create some fun word art.

Again, when I tear off the art, it makes a fun keepsake for a friend or one of my kids to take and hang somewhere else.

Wrapping Presents

Kraft paper is a timeless and elegant way to wrap a present for any occasion. Wrapping paper can be expensive and hard to always have on hand in a pinch. With a roll of kraft paper on your wall, you can always have a great option for gift wrap at hand.

Menu Board

At the end of the day when the room needs to serve the family in another way, it's great to have a place to post a fun dinner menu.

While it doesn't erase like a white board, I think this alternative option is a really a stylish and versatile option for a homeschool mom!


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