Ragle’s Retreat: A Wonderful Women’s Getaway

A couple of weekends ago I had the opportunity to get away with some friends to a bed and breakfast retreat. My friend frequents the Ragle's Retreat a couple of times a year. She's been inviting me for a while, but this was my first chance to take her up on her offer. I'm so thankful that I did, and I know that I can't wait to introduce more of my friends to this little oasis in East Texas.

Located just seven miles southwest of downtown Canton, this cozy B&B is a tranquil location for getting away with friends. Vicki and Marshal, owners of Ragle's Retreat, have been hosting crafters for over twenty years. When you walk into their home, you feel like part of the family.

It always amazes me that you can drive just an hour outside of Dallas and find towering pine trees.  It doesn't take long to feel the stress of city living melting away.

As an introverted city dweller, I think it's important to get away to remember what quiet sounds like. Although it isn't totally quiet there! I loved listening to all of the songs of the various birds as they enjoyed the seeds set out for them.

One of my favorite places at Ragle's Retreat was the front porch. I opted for the swing with my book and a cup of coffee. The springtime views were beautiful, but I'm looking forward to visiting again in the fall!

Inside the bed and breakfast, they are set up for six crafters to work and fellowship comfortably. A couple of the ladies I went with brought sewing projects, while others worked on scrapbooking. I brought school work to prepare, my bullet journal to doodle in, and future blog projects to contemplate.

The reality was that my suitcase was 80% books, and 20% pajamas. Perfection!

Each station at the work table had a phone stand, power strip, trash can, and a table mat. There's no wifi, which can be a blessing in itself, but since my work involves internet connection, I just brought my hot spot. It worked beautifully!

While we were making great messes, it was wonderful to have the freedom to focus on a project while someone else prepared meals and washed dishes.

Another favorite location of mine was the coffee bar. My roommates liked to keep the place cold, and even though I was in my cozy pjs, I enjoyed access to warm beverages to keep me comfortable and working.

The real blessing for me in getting away was just being able to take deep breaths and relax. When I'm at home, I feel guilty resting because there is always something else I could be doing.

I read a book for my soul.

I spent time in the Word.

I slept really well.

I laughed.

I enjoyed great company and food.

It was truly a retreat.


Follow Ragle's Retreat on Facebook or visit their website for more information about creating your own happy getaway with your friends. I'll be heading back in the fall, and saving the date for next spring to return again!


  1. Heather Arseneault on April 7, 2017 at 11:48 pm

    It was such a blessing to meet you in real life. And what better place to have been able to fellowship?!

    • Betsy on April 10, 2017 at 5:59 pm

      It was so fun to meet you too! Hopefully we’ll meet there again someday! I’m hooked.

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