Free Typing Games to Build Typing Skills

free typing games

Learning to type is a modern skill that I think is important for Classical students. Even though I think hand written composition has some lovely benefits, my kids do almost all of their writing on Google Docs so that I can edit quickly and we’re not adding an extra step into the writing process. Because…

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Simple Ways to Manage Math with Multiple Kids

Managing math with all of my kids has been my eternal homeschool nemesis. It is such a challenge for me to find the time to work with each child in such a way where they feel confident enough to tackle the concepts on their own. It gets even more challenging with kids moving up into…

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Homeschool Mother’s Journal – June 2017

In my life last month… May is always a bit of a crazy month with all things wrapping up, but there were some big moments in this particular month that made it especially full. We celebrated our first graduation in the family. My niece graduated with her Challenge IV Classical Conversations class, and it was a…

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