Free Typing Games to Build Typing Skills

Learning to type is a modern skill that I think is important for Classical students. Even though I think hand written composition has some lovely benefits, my kids do almost all of their writing on Google Docs so that I can edit quickly and we're not adding an extra step into the writing process. Because we utilize these modern tools, learning how to type makes this process so much easier. We have been practicing this summer with some fun free typing games that have helped increase their speed and efficiency in typing while having some fun!

free typing games

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I remember my typing class in high school and the big black box they put over my hands so I could learn to type by touch and not have to look at every key. This has been one of the most lasting skills I've taken from my high school years! Kidztype has some great free typing games that help build these skills and reinforce the skill of touch typing.

Start at the Beginning

Just like Maria von Trapp starts her kids at the very beginning when teaching them to sing, students who have never tried formal typing should start with typing exercises that introduce them to the keyboard and get their finger muscle memory started.

Touch Typing Finger Chart
Learn Touch Typing With KidzType
It doesn't take long for students to get this basic information down. If they want to build their speed and accuracy, they need to practice—and practice a lot!

Free Typing Games for Practicing Fun

I've found that if I want my kids to continually practice something that they might not initially choose on their own, a game will go a long way towards motivating them to spend the time needed to build mastery.

What my 12 Year Old Thinks

How easy is it to use? It's really easy to use because it only takes a few minutes and you learn a lot!

What do you like about Kidztype? The lessons are short and you learn a lot in the short time. This really makes me feel better about typing because I feel like I'm getting better quickly.

What are some of your favorite games? 

Did you use the typing lessons and exercises? I actually have been working through the typing exercises. They're really fun because there are little characters that walk you through it and you can see your progress and how much you have left. If you push the wrong key, it isn't horribly discouraging. I also like how it teaches you to use all of the buttons like "enter" and "space" and not just the letters.

What My 15 Year Old Thinks

How easy is it to use? It's pretty straight forward. The layout of the website makes it easy to find everything you need.

What do you like about Kidztype? I really like the dance mat typing part so that you can learn a little bit at a time and not all at once. I am pretty motivated by working through the levels. It makes it fun!

What are some of your favorite games? 

Is this just for kids? I really enjoy these games, but there are also typing tests where you can see your typing stats. It's cool to see the progress you're making. The typing lessons are great if you're really not into the games. They are simple and to the point in learning typing.

Incorporating Typing Into Your Routine

Consistently spending a few minutes a day on building a skill will reap substantial rewards over time. Adding typing into your routine will work the same way. Set a fifteen minute timer and have your student play typing games each day. This is a great activity for them to work on independently while you're working with another student.


The best part about using a service like KidzType is that it is free. Come and go as you like! There may be seasons where you don't have much time for typing, and then seasons where you find you have extra time for independent work. It will be there when you're ready to continue building typing skills.

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