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Technology is changing so rapidly. While coding or electrical engineering wasn't offered at my high school, I do think that it is important to give my kids access to the language and operating systems of their future. It's always challenging to introduce them to things that I don't know anything about. It doesn't mean that it's impossible, but it does mean that I'm going to have to learn with them. I did it in Latin, so why not another language like coding. It is what runs the behind the scenes of my blog after all.

I've seen several of these "box subscription" type offerings lately, but it seems that many of the ones I've run across are targeted at younger kids. My high school sophomore needs something that feels real and not so elementary. When we found Creation Crates, I was really impressed with the projects they offered and the materials they provided. This is perfect for middle school or high school students to work through on their own, but younger students will need help unless they already have a passion for electronics and coding.

Creation Crate Subscription

I received a free project in exchange for my review. All my opinions are my own. 

How Creation Crates Work

Creation Crates are a monthly subscription based program. When you sign up, they will send you a new project in the mail each month. Your box will arrive with all of the materials to complete a project. The one we received was for a mood lamp which required assembly of the lamp, and then writing coding to make the lamp work.

Here's what was in the box:


I love that the materials they use are the real deal. You have to be careful with the wires because they are fragile. This cultivates responsibility and maturity in a young creator.


The instruction guide gives clear explanations, but it doesn't over explain. You really have to attend to what is going on in the project to get it right. This is great for cultivating attention and precision.


Once the circuitry was complete, my son had to connect it to the computer to write the code that would make it work. This was an even bigger challenge because he had to spell everything right and account for every space and period that he put in the code. The instructions are clear that you will most likely have errors on your first try, and that is very common.

I loved this project because it cultivated endurance and perseverance in my son. He worked through the challenges and ended up with a really cool finished product.


After the lamp was put together and working, he played around within the code to make it change colors at different speeds. It was a great experiment.
Creation Crate

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