10 Stylish Fashion Gifts to Inspire Your Trendy Teen

It can be tricky to connect with the styles of the next generation. Even when you do find something that is on point with the trends, there are no guarantees that your teen will like it. They might even resist loving it simply because they didn't pick it out.

I'm talking with teens and getting their input on gift ideas. I've shared their ideas for games, bullet journalsart suppliesroom design, and sporty toys. Today I'm sharing ideas for fashion that will inspire your teen.


While most of these specific ideas are for girls, the concepts would work for boys too (except maybe the earrings)!

{1} Hoodie - it's that time of year when you really can't go wrong with a cute hoodie! Be careful shopping on line, however, as there are some super cute and inexpensive options that ship out of China. Their sizing is much different than ours, so always double check! $22

{2} Cute Bag - I'm a bag girl. I can always appreciate a new one. This bag is hand made and adorable. Your teen will love it! $47

{3} Scarf - Scarves are simple accessories that make a big impact. You really can never have too many. I love this chunky knit sweater scarf. It looks beautiful and cozy. $16

{4} Cozy Hat - speaking of cozy, I know several teens who will live in a hat like this all winter. Don't go super cheap on this item. They won't wear it! $14

{5} Jewelry - You can never go wrong with jewelry, unless you buy jewelry that is too young or too old for your teen. If you're not sure what to get, look at popular teens in the media to see what they're wearing. That's what your kids are doing! $20

{6} Fuzzy Socks - if jewelry, hats, and scarves seem too daunting, you can always fall back on luxurious fuzzy socks. $13

{7} Sprout Watch - Sprout watches are quirky and cool, but more importantly they are durable. If you're looking for a fun way to encourage your teen to keep track of time, this would be the perfect gift. $45

{8} NOTW Shirt - "NOTW" is a brand that my son LOVES. It means "Not Of This World" and we've only found them at Mardel stores. What he loves about them is that they are ridiculously comfortable, and they proclaim a positive message in a cool way. $20

{9} Comfy Pants - You really can't have too many cute pajama pants. With winter weather rolling in, your teen will love living in comfy pants like these. $25

{10} Boots - I really saved the best for last, or at least my daughter thinks so. She would adore any flavor of boots I got her. Add some cute boot socks, and you'll be a gift giving rock star! $50

We're up to 60 gift ideas so far. We're getting to 100 and the giveaway. Make sure to keep checking back for the next installment of ideas. Next, I'll be sharing 10 Electronic Gifts for Your Teen.

Do your teens have style favorites that you go to for gifts?


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