10 Electronic Gifts for Your Teen

Electronics and teens go hand-in-hand. It's the world they've grown up in. While most of them have heftier price tags, they also provide some amazing opportunities for your teens.

I've talked to the teens in my life and gathered their ideas for great gifts. I've shared their ideas for games, bullet journalsart suppliesroom design, sporty toys, and fashion. Today I'm sharing ideas for electronic gifts that your teens will love.

electronic gifts for teens

{1} Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker - My son got one of these for his 16th birthday and it has been in constant use ever since. Before he got this speaker, we were hauling our giant speakers and stereo outside to add music to our swim parties. This little portable speaker has amazing volume! I also love that it's waterproof...or shall I say teen-proof. $127

{2} Chromebook - Do you find yourself having to share your family computer with your teen more and more? If you're looking to find a solution for your computer sharing problem, a Chromebook is a great solution. They're inexpensive, and an excellent tool for your teen's computer processing needs. It's essentially just good for using online programs, but with Google Drive and multiple online file storage solutions, it's all most teens need. $173

{3} Bluetooth Beanie - These are the coolest things. Inside the beanie are Bluetooth speakers that connect wirelessly to your device. In the cold winter months, having a hat like this to enjoy music outdoors while staying warm is a great application of electronic nerdyness. $30

{4} Echo Dot - While similar to the portable speaker, this little device has unique voice activated features that teens will love. It's Amazon's new gadget that connects to their streaming music included in a Prime membership. It's worth checking out! $50

{5} Quad-copter - Gamers will love getting outdoors with these cool toys for big kids. These can range anywhere from tens to thousands of dollars. I'd recommend if they're new to quad-copters, you get a moderate entry level device like this one. It includes a camera which your teens will enjoy, but it's not so expensive that they will be afraid to even touch it. $75

{6} Earbuds - My kids can always use a new pair of earbuds. My daughter likes these flat earbuds better than the rounded ones because she has small ears. Go stealth. Check with your teen to see what kind they like. Then you'll be sure to buy what they love. $10

{7} Kindle Fire - if your teen doesn't already have an e-reader, a kindle is a great gift. The Kindle fire is my favorite because it integrates with all of my Amazon purchases. It's a great way to listen to my audible books and read along with the whisper-sync feature. You can also check out e-books at the library. $50

{8} Charging Station - with all of their devices, a charging station like this one can be a great tool for helping your teen manage their devices. $30

{9} Electronic Drums - you might think I'm crazy with this one, but I have a drummer in my home (my husband) who gives drum lessons. So many moms are reluctant to let their kids take drum lessons because of the noise. I love listening to my husband drum, but beginner drummers can be rough to listen to. The solution? Electric drums. My husband recommended this setup because it comes with headphones and a throne (that's the seat that drummers sit on). Drumming is a highly energetic activity that is sure to release some extra energy from your active teens. $370

{10} DLSR Camera - Ok, I know this is item is priced way higher than my other recommendations, but it is an investment that can inspire your teen to pursue entrepreneurial artistic ventures. This is the updated version of the camera that I own. If you're going to get a nice camera, you need one with the potential to go fully manual. This kit also includes my all time favorite lens for beginners. It's really an incredible tool that they will be able to make money with for many years to come. $650

This makes 70 gift ideas so far. We're getting close to 100 and the giveaway. Make sure to keep checking back for the next installment of ideas. Next, I'll be sharing 10 Books to Keep Your Teen Reading All Winter.

What electronic gifts are your teens wishing for these days?


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