10 Room Accessories for Your Teen’s Space

My daughter loves her redesigned room, and you'd expect your daughters to go crazy for design. However when we updated my son's room recently, he was equally excited about it even thought he hadn't been planning out the design for months.

This week I'm sharing gift ideas for teens. I've been polling the teens in my life and gathering information about what they like. So far I've covered ideas for games, bullet journals, and art supplies. I'm working my way up to 100 creative gift ideas for teens and tweens, and today's ideas are all about room decor.

Here are some design gifts that my teens love:

teen room gift ideas

{1} Globe - As my kids get older, they have a greater appreciation for the world around them. My son loves the little globe that sets on his desk. It's a great resource when he studies, but it's also beautiful! $14

{2} Throw Blanket - My daughter couldn't get enough of these. I love the combination of beauty and comfort in this luxurious throw. They're great for snuggling up with a good book and reading all winter long. $62

{3} Crystal Himalayan Salt Lamp - I need these all over my house, but teen rooms tend to have a unique smell all of their own. These beautiful lamps also double as air purifiers. What teen doesn't need that?! $28

{4} Message Board - Message boards don't have to be large and covered in cork. This beautiful board doubles as a tack board and a magnet board. It's beautiful design will elevate the style of any room, and help keep those important reminders up off of the floor! $40

{5} Wall Art - Teachers post signs on their walls holding information that they want their students to read frequently. Why not apply the same idea to your teen's room with messages of truth for them to read throughout the day. If they're beautiful, it will be a great conversation starter for their friends. $12

{6} Floating Shelf - These are just cool. Help get their collections displayed in a beautiful way on a floating shelf. If you have Fixer Upper fans, they'll love this.  $40

{7} Guitar Wall Hangar - Do you have a guitar player in your home? Give them this cool Hercules hook to turn their guitar into a work of art. It also helps keep the instrument easy to access and play. My son loves his. $21

{8} Lap Desk - If your teen doesn't have a desk in their room, they might enjoy having the opportunity to work in their room with this cute lap desk. It also works great as an art work surface anywhere! $18

{9} Mirror - My family of five shares one bathroom. As my girls get older, it's great for them to have a place outside of the main bathroom to get ready! This is a cool mirror that will make your teen light up. $36

{10} Chin Up Bar - If they're not into make-up, maybe they'd love a chin-up bar. My son uses his daily. He loves that he can stay fit even though he's not participating in any team sports currently. $24

40 gift ideas down. When I make it to 100, I'll celebrate with a giveaway. Make sure to keep checking back for the next installment of ideas. Next, I'll be sharing 10 Gifts for Sporty Teens.

Do your teens love design?


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