10 Art Supplies to Fuel Your Teen’s Creativity

I have a couple of doodlers on my hands, and while I like them to be productive, I also consider doodling, drawing, and creating as productive tasks. Art does something for the soul that is beautiful.

This week I'm sharing gift ideas for teens. I've been asking the teens in my life what they'd love to receive as a gift. So far I've covered ideas for games and bullet journals. I'm working my way up to 100 creative gift ideas for teens and tweens, and today's ideas are all about art.

Here are some great gifts to foster a love of the true, the good, and the beautiful.

art supplies gifts

{1} Mixed Media Pad - Quality paper transforms a good artist into a great one. Find the paper that fits with what they love to do. I love this mixed media pad because it is great for a lot of different types of art forms. If you're not sure where to start, this is a good multi-purpose art pad. $10

{2} Micron Pens - Micron pens are still my favorite art pens out there. They also last forever when you treat them right. They're great for outlining drawings, or practicing lettering. $7

{3} Prismacolor Premiere Colored Pencils - You've never truly experienced coloring with colored pencils until you've tried a prismacolor. These soft core pencils provide depth and blend in ways that cheep colored pencils never will be able to. If you have an artist in your home, they will adore these. $24

{4} White Gel Pen - White gel pens take a basic work of art and elevate it to a new level in seconds. These are so much fun. A four pack is necessary because you'll want to use them on everything! $4

{5} Sketcher Non-Blue Pencils - These tools are new to me, but I have enjoyed sketching out my art work with these and watching them fade into the background as I complete the drawing. You still have to draw lightly, but it's worth it. $7

{6} Journaling Bible - There is something about doodling scripture that locks it in your mind. These fun journaling Bibles come in all variety of colors and patterns, but they leave room for expression in the margin. They're a great gift for creative teens. $26

{7} Kneaded Eraser - Good erasers are hard to find, but a kneaded eraser is an artist's must-have. The more you knead it, the better it works. It's like a fidget and an art tool all in one! You can make it super tiny for detailed erasing too. $4

{8} Watercolor Pan Set - Watercolors are more challenging to mix, so having a fun color palette like this one will keep a budding artist occupied for hours. $10

{9} Art Supply Storage Box - With all of these supplies, your teen will need a place to keep them, especially if they have younger siblings who would love to try their hand at them. This storage box is a great option because it contains it all, but is also portable for art on the go. $30

{10} Chalk Pastels - These are great for kids who like to get their hands dirty! They're so much fun to play with, and this set has an amazing selection of colors. They will love creating with these. $8

30 gift ideas down. When I make it to 100, I'll celebrate with a giveaway. Make sure to keep checking back for the next installment of ideas. Next, I'll be sharing 10 Room Accessories for Your Teen's Space.

Do your teens love to create? What are some of their favorite supplies?



  1. Peri on February 12, 2020 at 8:44 am

    These are great!! I want all of these supplies! I am very crafty and love getting my hands dirty!! Thank you so much for these ideas!! I am using these for my Birthday/Christmas list!!

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