10 Gifts for Sporty Teens

If your teen loves to be active outside, they will love something that feeds their adrenaline and keeps them in shape. It doesn't always have to be something they've never heard of before. Sometimes the best gifts are new versions of something that they've worn out.

This week I'm sharing gift ideas for teens. I've been asking around and gathering information from the teens in my life about what they like. So far I've covered ideas for games, bullet journalsart supplies, and room design. I'm working my way up to 100 creative gift ideas for teens and tweens, and today's ideas are all for the sporty teen.

Here are ten great options for the teen in your life that loves to be out and about!

teen sports gifts

{1} Ripstick - My daughter borrowed a friend's ripstick recently and fell in love. It takes a little practice to figure out how to get on and keep it going, but this little wheeled wonder kept her occupied for hours. It's an awesome workout too. Her stomach muscles were sore the next day! $55

{2} Fit Bit - I love my fit bit. I used to have one that I could wear on my watch, but this little one is great because it just fits in my pocket. Your teen will love keeping up with their steps and challenging you to keep up with yours! $50

{3} Frisbee - Even if your teen isn't super athletic, they'll love a unique Frisbee like this one. The unique design makes it easy to throw, and easier to catch. If they're ultimate Frisbee players, they'll enjoy this fun twist to their favorite game. $14

{4} Pitchback - I have one tween at my house that would love someone to play catch with every minute of every day. This little contraption is brilliant because it gives your baseball-loving teen an opportunity to practice pitching and catching even when no one else is available to play. $20

{5} 4 Square Ball - Our neighbors have the perfect crack in their driveway that calls kids from all over to play four square in the driveway. These simple little bouncy balls have entertained teens in our driveway for years. If you think that your teen feels too old for one of these, think again. It's an inexpensive risk if you're not sure, but the reward is great if you're right. $6

{6} Badminton set - My kids got this set for Christmas last year and it has been a hit at park days with friends, evenings with the family, and visits to grandparent's houses. The cool thing is that the whole system packs up in this little carrying case which makes it easy to transport and store. We even used the net as a volleyball net in the driveway a couple of weeks ago, and the kids played volleyball for hours with friends. $53

{7} Soccer Ball & Goal - Even though my son isn't on a soccer team, he still enjoys kicking around the ball with his dad or with friends. He got a goal for his birthday and it has been a great purchase. A fresh soccer ball and a couple of portable goals might just be what your sporty teen would love! Ball: $16, Goals: $60

{8} Vokul Scooter - We don't own this scooter, but my kids would love to. Each week, one of their friends brings this scooter over to play and it's a solid scooter. If your kids are looking to up their stunt game with scooters, this is a great yet reasonable option! $64

{9} Ladder Ball - I just think this game is fun. It doesn't take super athletic skill, but it does get kids outside and having fun. You can make a simple set of this with PVC pipe, but this steel version is sturdy and folds up for easy storage. $44

{10} Kubb, Viking Chess Set - I found this game a couple of years ago when we were tight on cash and looking for a "homemade Christmas." It's a yard game that is played by throwing sticks to knock down sticks. My kids love it. $33

That makes 50 gift ideas so far. When I make it to 100, I'll celebrate with a giveaway. Make sure to keep checking back for the next installment of ideas. Next, I'll be sharing 10 Stylish Fashion Gifts to Inspire Your Trendy Teen.

Do your teens love to be outside? What are some of their favorite sporting toys?


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