Good Eats: Countdown to 2016

I love good eats.  Sometimes its tough as a homeschooler because your classroom is also in the cafeteria.  This means generous access to food at almost all times of day.  Yikes!

Thankfully this also means when we get our creative juices flowing, we come up with some pretty tasty options...since we've been soaking in the right environment most of the day!

I thought it would be fun to reflect on some of the good eats of 2015 with a top 10 foodie posts of the year from Family Style Schooling!

No. 10 - Breakfast of Champions - Chocolate Covered Strawberry Oatmeal

sugar free chocolate covered strawberry oatmeal breakfast

No. 9 - Family Fun - Easy Pasta Bar

Family Fun Pasta Bar

No. 8 - Daddy Daughter Good Eats - Glorious Guacamole

glorious guacamole

No. 7 - Holiday Breakfast - Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Breakfast Casserole

Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Breakfast Casserole

No. 6 - Playing with Flavors - BBQ Chicken Enchiladas

BBQ Chicken Enchilada recipe

No. 5 - Seasonally Inspired Breakfast - Fall Flavored Oatmeal

Fall Oatmeal (1)

No. 4 - Mother-In-Law saves the day - Yummy Noodle Bowl

One skillet yummy noodle bowl

No. 3 - Snack Options Please - Top 5 Savory Snacks

Top 5 Savory snacks 2

No. 2 - Remixing a Classic - Loaded Baked Ziti

Loaded Baked Ziti (13)

No. 1 - Simplifying Grandma's Recipe - Slow Cooker Poor Boy Chicken

Poor Boy Chicken

So there you have it!  The top 10 Good Eats from Family Style Schooling 2015.  I can't wait for another year of food and family learning.  Check back in the next couple of days for some reflections on some "happy accidents" and finally a wrap up of my first year of blogging with a special behind the scenes look at some things I've learned along the way.


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