Fantastic Fall Flavors to Spice Up Your Oatmeal

I love the sights, smells, and flavors of fall.  With the changing of the weather enters an opportunity to take some of my favorite fall flavors and create some fun mix-ins for fall oatmeal.  Whether you're hosting family for the holidays, or you just want something fresh for breakfast, try these twists on a classic morning staple.

These blends don't have exact recipes because half of the fun is mixing your oatmeal to your liking.  I typically make a large batch of oatmeal on the stove.  It cooks just like rice - two parts water to one part oats.  If you make a large batch plain, you can mix a new flavor every day and have endless fun spicing up your morning routine.

Delicious Autumn

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Flavor #1: Chocolate Pumpkin Walnut

I pretty much love pumpkin anything.  In oatmeal, pumpkin adds a creamy richness, and with some chocolate chips mixed in, it is delightful!  I added a spoonful of pumpkin, sprinkled in some pumpkin spice, then added a touch of stevia and some chocolate chips.  The heat of the oatmeal melts the chocolate and makes a creamy loveliness in your bowl.  Chop a few walnuts and sprinkle on top!  This is my favorite!

Fall Oatmeal

Flavor #2: Pear and Gingerbread

Pears are a wonderful fall fruit, and paired with gingerbread, they are delightful.  For this blend I added ginger and truvia to taste (that is until I could actually taste them), then I added some molasses.  This gives them the gingerbread twist.  Next, I chopped up some pear and sprinkled them in.  The pear adds a sweet coolness to the spiciness of the ginger.  This was my middle daughter's favorite.

Fall Oatmeal

Flavor #3: Apple Crisp

Okay, so this is the easiest of the flavors, that is if you've got some left over apple crisp in the fridge.  All I did was add a spoonful (or two) to my oatmeal and gave it a stir.  Who wouldn't want apple crisp for breakfast?

Apple Crisp Oatmeal


Flavor #4: Cranberry Orange

I love cranberry orange bread, so this oatmeal flavor was a must.  It's a simple blend of oranges and Craisins and then sweetened to taste.

Fall Oatmeal


Flavor #5: Chocolate Cranberry Pecan

I truly love chocolate in my oatmeal, and it's just fun to see what other flavors mix in to spice it up.  I used craisins again with pecans, but if you had fresh cranberries, like leftovers from Thanksgiving, that would be amazing!

Fall Oatmeal

So what are some of your favorite fall flavors?


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  1. Paula P. on November 5, 2015 at 3:37 pm

    I had all the ingredients so I made the chocolate pumpkin oatmeal today. Yum! I may or may not have put in an extra handful of chocolate chips. :0) Thanks for sharing these ideas!

    • Betsy on November 5, 2015 at 5:23 pm

      Oh that one was my favorite! I am a fan of the extra handful of chocolate too!

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