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A good teacher can extend the learning beyond the textbook, beyond the one-hour time segment, and beyond the official school day.  Games have always been my secret weapon for keeping the learning going.  Math is a subject that often gets a bad wrap for being boring, tedious or a drudgery. With a few simple math games added to our day, the learning continues and no one complains!

With so many wonderful games and resources out there, I thought I would round some up to get you started on encouraging a love of math in your home!

Super Math Games

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Math Games by Crystal Wagner

Crystal Wagner over at Triumphant Learning is a math game genius!  She has so many wonderful ideas and printables that you'll have activities for days.

Use this record sheet to record and track your student's progress memorizing the math facts.

Tasty Math Games

Karyn over at Teach Beside Me speaks my language!  Wanna make math sweeter?  Just add a fun snack!  Here are just some of her tasty math ideas:

Queen of the Board Games

Ticia over at Adventures in Mommydom is the Queen of math board games.  You know how you see all of those amazing-looking games at the teacher supply store and wonder how well they really play? Tricia has played and reviewed some of her favorites.  My favorite line at the end of one post is: "PS: I was not paid for this, I did not get a free copy, I bought it and loved it, so that tells you how much I like it." Absolutely!

Math Mama

Jennifer over at Mama Jenn has so many wonderful math printables that any mama would love.  Here are some of my favorites:

Extra Math Top off the Math Madness!

As if you didn't already have enough math fun to keep you busy for weeks, here are some other great math ideas you don't want to miss:

What's your favorite way to foster a love of numbers in your home?


  1. Karyn on October 7, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Thanks so much for including so many if my ideas! This is a really great post with so many fun ideas!

    • Betsy on October 7, 2015 at 7:52 am

      I love how you included so many sweet treats in your math! Thanks for sharing them with me.

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