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When I first started tutoring Challenge B with Classical Conversations, I realized how little I knew about what was going on around the world.  Each week we would investigate a new current event, look up articles for or against the topic, and bring them to community day to discuss.  We talked about GMOs, Euthanasia, and gun control.  One thing we always looked for was the bias or worldview of the author. Sometimes it was hard to detect, but I could always count on a Christian Worldview from the World News Group.

World News Group Magazines train leadersI was sponsored by World News Group to review their World Teen magazine and am excited to share my experience as well as an awesome giveaway!  All opinions are mine alone. For more information please read my full disclosure.

Raising Leaders

The discussions we had that year (and now moving into Challenge I with Policy Debate) have opened my eyes to see that if I want my children to be leaders or influencers of their generation, they need to be connected to what's going on in the world around them.  [clickToTweet tweet="How can we raise leaders if they are disconnected from the world they are to lead?" quote="How can we raise leaders if they are disconnected from the world they are to lead?"]

World News Group

I quickly subscribed to World Magazine so that I could educate myself in order to lead my children.  I love how World magazine presents current events from a Christian Worldview.  While it was an excellent resource for me, due to the fact that current events can include some mature content, I wasn't fully ready to release my tween or teen to freely read.  That's where their other magazine offerings come into play.

World News Group World Teen Magazine


World Teen is an awesome magazine which introduces teenagers to what's happening around the world with segments that are compelling yet age appropriate.  At the end of each chapter, your student is given a word bank of "news" vocabulary, as well as a quiz over what they've learned.  Understanding how to read the news is a wonderful first step into raising a thinker that can be a leader.  My goal is not for him to just accept all that he reads, but to read critically so that he can decide how the information presented to him stands up to the Truth found in the Bible.

World News Teen


The articles are written to spark curiosity among our next generation.  So often all that is reported in the news is bad.  World Teen does a great job of not sugar coating what is really happening, but also drawing in interesting news that celebrates positive events happening around the world. See for yourself with this full PDF issue of World Teen Magazine.

In addition to an amazing magazine experience, all of the content is enhanced with their online access for subscribers.  If your teen prefers reading in a digital format, they will love all that is offered online.  Not only do they get access to the current issue's articles, but also the opportunity to browse articles from the past year.

World News Group Online

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So how do you stretch your students to think like a leader?




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