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Often our lives are so fast paced we have a hard time finding time to patronize some of the amazing cultural offerings of our town.  To remedy this, we've decided to take our Wednesday afternoon schole out on the town and start enjoying some lovely places.

Our first stop was the Amon Carter Museum in Ft. Worth, TX.  A friend had recently attended an educator's event at the museum and told me about a great program that this museum offers.  When you visit this free museum, you can sign up for their free "Family Loyalty Program." They issue you a rewards card that you can get punched every time you come with at least one of your children.  After you hit three, six, and nine punches, your kids receive a prize.  Free art supplies? Yes please!FAMILY REWARDS AT Amon Carter


We arrived about one hour before the museum closed and we just about had the place to ourselves.  Since this was our first time at the Amon Carter, we made it our scouting mission.  From our first step into the door, the beauty of the building drew us in and captured our attention.

beauty of the Amon Carter museum

We stopped by the front desk to see what fun things the museum had to offer kids.  They supplied us with a bag of fun to interact with the art.  Hidden inside were activities connected with a couple of art pieces within the museum. This was a fun beginning to a great museum.

familystyleschooling.com (3)


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It didn't take long to be captivated by the beautiful pieces which were framed and displayed exquisitely.  One of our favorite pieces reminded us of the Magician's Nephew and the wood between the worlds.  I loved watching my kids slow down and enjoy the composition, the technique, and the content of each piece of art.

As we moved further into the museum, we found more kid friendly exhibits.  The kids enjoyed the hands on interactive offerings in a place where the phrase, "Don't Touch" were often repeated!

familystyleschooling.com (7)

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In several locations around the museum, there are beautiful benches to sit and enjoy the art.  My daughter had it in her mind that she'd like to stop and sketch a painting.  She even brought her own paper and pencils.  She didn't get to draw the whole thing, but since we're going back again, she'll be able to pick up where she left off.

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We are so excited to finally have visited this great museum, and look forward to returning to it again in the near future.

How about you?  Do you have a favorite museum?

A Day at the Museum - Amon Carter in Ft. Worth TX

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