Sunday Reflections: Not Ashamed

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Life at the Strauss House...

We had a big week at our house as my girls were baptized!  They have been talking about wanting to be baptized for a while now. It was so precious to hear each of them proclaim before thousands: "Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and I am not ashamed." God is amazing how He orchestrates events.  It was such a blessing to be surrounded by friends, old and new to share this day with.

not ashamed girls baptism

Where I'm reading in the Bible...

I finished up the first chapter of 1 John and since I've been focusing in so closely on each verse, I thought I'd back up and look at the chapter as a whole. I love seeing how John highlights the importance of fellowship with Christ if we ever hope to have true fellowship with others.  We are all sinners...if we say we're not, we're either lying to ourselves or calling God a liar. It's so easy to pick at the flaws of others and miss that apart from Christ, we are flawed beyond repair. In Christ alone can we be made whole and find fellowship with one another.

What books we're reading...



  • The Scarlet Letter - I'm pretty sure I remember not reading this one in in it was assigned and I totally skipped it.  I'm just eight chapters in and my heart has broken several times already! I think that would make Hawthorne happy.

Family Read Alouds: 





Steps towards a healthier lifestyle...

Balance and patience are my words of the week. It has been a full one, and I've done what I could to get my steps in, but some days it comes down to choosing people over steps. I have to be careful here because this "putting others first" is what has led me to poor health in the past. There just needs to be a balance.

The other result of choosing balance is that the results slow down. It can be easy to become impatient with my progress when I'm not as vigilant. However, I feel peace about the balance I've chosen, so I have to leave the results up to the Lord.

This week's highlights...

We made it to the Amon Carter Museum for the third time since we've signed up for the Family Rewards Program, and the kids got their "art supplies."  They were so excited!

We also had friends over to share art and six-flags with us.

not ashamed art with friends

not ashamed six flags

Sunday Reflections:

As I look back over the week, ten things I can thank God for :

  • My sweet girls baptism
  • All of the friends and family that came to stand with us as the girls professed their faith.
  • Saturday's beautifully cool weather when I decided to brave Six-Flags with five girls!
  • Each morning I can get up and spend time with my kids. I'm so blessed to stay at home with them.
  • Hitting my pillow at night exhausted because I've used my day to its fullest.
  • The Art of Fall Mixed Media workshop. It has reignited a love of art in my home.
  • SQUILT music appreciation kids are asking for the classical music station in the car.
  • husband and I went walking in the rain the other day...we were soaked, but it was so refreshing not to be walking in 100 degree heat.
  • Freon in my car!  Air is blowing cold and sweet!
  • Peppers growing in my's taken five months, but I can't wait to enjoy them!


The Lord bless you     


and keep you;


the Lord make his face shine on you     


and be gracious to you;


the Lord turn his face toward you     


and give you peace.


Numbers 6:24-26

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