Let’s Talk About Math with Mr. D

Mr. D's Math Review

Conversations cultivate understanding.  This is the heart of the dialectic stage of the “Trivium” in classical education.  Why is it that when most people think about math, they think of a student sitting quietly calculating answers and scribbling computations on quad-lined paper.  I think as a homeschool mom who’s trying to do it all, this…

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Free Printable: Key Ring Math Facts Flashcards

Math facts have been an important part of any student’s education for a long time.  It seems we try to find ways around “rote memory”, but watching my son beat me in solving math problems while I’m trying to figure the answer out on my calculator has fully convinced me that these facts are vital…

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The Last Homeschool Planner You’ll Ever Need

A good homeschool planner is essential to peace within a home. Last semester my son and I had a couple of heated confrontations about work that was either forgotten or late.  It’s not that he didn’t have a plan, or a physical planner to keep up with his work, it’s that our communication was lacking.…

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10 Ways to Reclaim the School Room

Reclaim the School Room

We have gone crazy since Christmas cleaning out, organizing, and cleaning up our home.  It all started with my girls wanting to renovate their room.  In order to paint and set their room up like they wanted, we really had to purge.  It was incredible!  After we finished cleaning up everything, there was a weight…

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Being a Lead Learner of Great Artists

Inspiring learners as a Lead Learner of Great Artists

Christmas is over, January strikes, and the desire to be a lead learner seems nowhere in sight.  There is nothing harder than getting back into the groove of learning after a holiday break.  Unlike starting in the fall, the freshness of a new school year doesn’t exist to propel you into another semester of learning.…

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