Latin Verb Conjugations Present Stem Worksheets

Latin Verb Conjugations

Recently after I posted some Latin Noun Declension worksheets, I had several people ask for worksheets to complement the memory work we do in Cycle 2 of Classical Conversations going along with our Latin Verb Conjugations endings we memorize. This was a challenge as nouns are fairly straightforward and simple, while verbs are like a…

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Tiki-Toki Digital Timeline Maker

Digital Timeline Maker Tiki-toki

We love timelines.  In our first year of Classical Conversations, we memorized the timeline from Veritas Press.  Then a couple years later, the CC timeline changed, and we’ve enjoyed learning the CC Acts and Facts timeline.  Since my son has started the CC Challenge program, we are continually building timelines of the people we learn about and…

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Latin Nouns Declension Free Printable

Latin Noun Declension Worksheets

This year in our Classical Conversations memory work, we are memorizing the endings for Latin nouns. I love that the CC program takes so much time to really memorize these vital bits of information. Sometimes it’s challenging as a parent to memorize something when you don’t understand its purpose. Before I started studying Latin with my son, I…

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Board Slam Battleship

In Classical Conversations, we have an awesome game called Board Slam that we play to help with our number fluency.  This game is such a great way to play with numbers.  It’s become such a hit with the kids that Classical Conversations has turned it into a national competition called National Number Knockout. In our community,…

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14 Sneak Peeks into Our Homeschool Life

homeschool life

So often I find that people see a slice of a person’s life and then produce assumptions based on their limited understanding.  While you can never fully know what’s going on, sometimes it’s fun to get a behind the scenes sneak peek into someone else’s homeschool life. Here’s 14 random bits of information about our…

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