15 Great Books You’ll Fall For

15 Great Books

It’s no secret that my family loves books.  Great books can engage budding readers, enrich active imaginations, and encourage godly living.  When books like these cross my path, I love to make sure they become not only a part of our home library, but also a part of our family fabric where quotes, themes, and stories…

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Board Slam Battleship

In Classical Conversations, we have an awesome game called Board Slam that we play to help with our number fluency.  This game is such a great way to play with numbers.  It’s become such a hit with the kids that Classical Conversations has turned it into a national competition called National Number Knockout. In our community,…

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Raising Leaders with World News Group

World News Group Magazines

When I first started tutoring Challenge B with Classical Conversations, I realized how little I knew about what was going on around the world.  Each week we would investigate a new current event, look up articles for or against the topic, and bring them to community day to discuss.  We talked about GMOs, Euthanasia, and…

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Plans for a Freshman: Revisited

Freshman Homeschool Plans Revisited

Yesterday I revisited my schedule plans for my grammar stage girls and how that’s been working. Today I’m going to revisit my son’s schedule for his freshman year and let you know how that’s working for him. You can read the original schedule post here, but most of the important information is still here.  My…

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Sunday Reflections: Exercise, Art, and Government

Sunday Reflections

Life at the Strauss House… It’s felt like a catch up this week…and I’m afraid the next couple of weeks are going to feel similar as our weeks are busier than normal.  There are always so many wonderful things to do, and yet never enough time to stretch into all of them.  I love it…

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