22 Classic Short Stories on YouTube

Classic Short Stories on YouTube

My daughter is currently writing her short story for Challenge B and reading classics short stories to inspire her. She’s always been my kid that has struggled with reading . The masters wrote these stories, so their short length doesn’t exactly make them easy reads. I’ve rounded up those short stories read on YouTube to…

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Board Slam Battleship

In Classical Conversations, we have an awesome game called Board Slam that we play to help with our number fluency.  This game is such a great way to play with numbers.  It’s become such a hit with the kids that Classical Conversations has turned it into a national competition called National Number Knockout. In our community,…

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Resources for the Classical Conversations Teacher (Mom…That’s You!)

Resources for the Classical Conversations Teacher

We have loved the last five years homeschooling in communities with Classical Conversations. Since I was not classically educated, I often found myself feeling inadequate to pull off what was being asked.  I’ve realized that all I need to do is be a learner, and everything else falls into place.  This doesn’t mean simple submission…

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Raising Leaders with World News Group

World News Group Magazines

When I first started tutoring Challenge B with Classical Conversations, I realized how little I knew about what was going on around the world.  Each week we would investigate a new current event, look up articles for or against the topic, and bring them to community day to discuss.  We talked about GMOs, Euthanasia, and…

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What’s on My Bookshelf: Challenge B Resources

Classical Conversations Challenge B Resources

In the Classical Conversations programs, Challenge B would be equivalent to the 8th grade, however any student (I’m talking about myself here) could have a rich year of study in the materials assigned.  There were so many new things to learn like formal Logic, the history of astronomy, and Mock Trial.  Much like Challenge A,…

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