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Latin with Andy Code Breakers supplemental materials

Get extra help with the Latin with Andy Codebreakers supplemental materials pack.

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This is a 103-page resource, which includes worksheets that take students step-by-step through the concepts presented in the Lesson overview video. They break the work down into quick, easy steps to start building those Latin muscles without wearing them out.

In addition, extra helps are included, which gives teachers an overview of what is introduced in each lesson, as well as a lesson plan for completing the material in a year, a semester, or even a week, depending on the age of your student.

The final aspect of this resource includes a full-color answer key for teachers who aren't familiar with Latin to help walk their students through the basics with success. It can be intimidating to lead someone else down a road you haven't walked before. Answer keys are a great tool to help you get where you want to go!

"So, just BEING a codebreaker and KNOWING how to be a codebreaker are VERY different subjects. Latin With Andy Codebreakers teaches you how to do both. This is so amazing, this is a great course, and I would 100% recommend it to every one of my friends! (and I will too) Thank you ever so much to the sibling team who put out Codebreakers; my Challenge A year (7th grade) will be a LOT easier, thanks to this. Again thank you!!!" - TheLibertyMomma

Who Could Benefit from Latin with Andy Code Breakers?

4th - 6th Graders

We recommend that a student has had some formal English grammar study. So if you're in Classical Conversations, they could start Latin with Andy Code Breakers along with Essentials, or even better, after their first complete year of Essentials.

7th and Up

Anyone preparing for a more intense Latin course like Henle Latin could benefit from working through these videos. Think of it as an on-ramp where they can get up to speed without going from zero to sixty in a blink.


Parents who would like to know how the Latin memory work transfers to their student's future studies could get a grasp of the importance and value of really learning that well.

Want more help with Latin?

Latin with Andy on computer

Code Breakers is just the beginning of the resources Andy has created to help families learn Latin.

Check out Lesson 1 - Nouns of the 1st Declension with all of the features of Latin with Andy, a resource library with over 700 videos walking students through the Henle Latin textbooks.

Members also get access to a library of printable resources that include the Code Breakers supplemental resources! Join the membership and this guide is included!


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