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Beginner Composting

The first time I ever had success in growing something, I learned the value of compost.  Actually, the tomato plant that I claim success in growing grew through the fence from my neighbor’s compost pile! I know that my soil needs nutrients, and when my garden mentor came over she encouraged my son to build…

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Adventures in Elevated Garden Boxes

When I was trying to find a good place to plant my garden, I discovered the best location was also the location where my pool pump drains when you clean it out.  That didn’t seem like a good plan.  Therefore my garden mentor recommended an elevated garden. So my husband built a beautiful box!It looked like…

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Growing a Salad Garden Box

When I was talking with my garden mentor about what to plant, she gave me the idea to plant a salad garden.  There is nothing more rewarding than going out in the back yard and picking fresh vegetables to eat. So here’s my square foot garden plan: It’s still early in the season, so not everything is…

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