Beginner Composting

The first time I ever had success in growing something, I learned the value of compost.  Actually, the tomato plant that I claim success in growing grew through the fence from my neighbor's compost pile!

I know that my soil needs nutrients, and when my garden mentor came over she encouraged my son to build his own simple compost pile.

First he cut 12 PVC pipe segments at 3' each.  build your own compost pile

Then he attached the segments with corner pieces.

constrution of a compost pile

Last, he attached chicken wire to the four sides, leaving the top and bottom open. 

compost pile construction

We found a secluded section of the back yard to place our compost pile.  It needs to be twice the width of the container as you will move the box when you turn the compost.

compost pile in place

Next, you add the good stuff, water, and wait! We added cuttings from our fruits and veggies, as well as leaves and plants from around the yard.  We plan to get a paper shredder so that we can add all of our junk mail! (Remember:  Don't add meat, bread, or dairy!)composting

Then comes the fun part:  turning the compost.  

compost turning sonMy son tries to turn it once a week, or every other week.

Just lift the box, move it over, and shovel the compost back into the box.

compost turning

compost turning pitchfork

compost making dirt

I can't wait to add some of this nutrient-rich goodness to my next gardening adventure!


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