Happy Father’s Day

This past week I've been taking a moment to honor my father.  It's been over ten father's days since I've been able to hug his neck and tell him how much I appreciate him. Time with my father youngIf he were here today, I'd thank him for all of the ways he cultivated my faith:

  1. Cultivating a love of God's word - he watered the soil of a tender young heart...saturating it in Truth.father's faith love of God's word small
  2. Asking eternal questions - he made it clear what he valued by the kinds of questions he asked...pointing me towards the Truth.father's faith eternal questions small
  3. Opening my eyes to spiritual applications - he introduced me to the character of the Lord through pictures and stories...incarnating the Truth.father's faith spiritual applications small
  4. Exposing me to great men of faith...he provided examples of great faith to inspire my own...reinforcing the Truth.exposing me to men of faith
  5. Highlighting the value of wisdom...he pointed me towards the scripture to learn how to identify wisdom...empowering me with the Truth.father's faith highlighting wisdom small
  6. Challenging me to memorize scripture...he provided opportunities to hide God's word in my heart...tying me to God's Truth.memorizing scripture
  7. Exposing his flaws transparently...he willingly shared his past with anyone who would listen...confirming God's Truth.transparent about his flaws

Happy Father's Day

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