A Stylish White Board Alternative

I know Andrew Pudewa will totally disapprove when he learns that my white board did not make the cut for my new homeschool space, but there was really no room for it. The goal of designing a home library was to have a multi-purpose room that the whole family (and all of our friends) could…

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DIY Farmhouse Table for Under $100

school room table

When we set out to design our home library, I knew that I wanted some desk area for me or the kids to be able to study/work at. I went back and forth through pretty much every table option at IKEA before I realized that I just needed something custom designed to fill my desired…

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My Home Library – The Big Reveal

home library homeschool

I have long dreamed of having a home library. As a little girl, my sister and I would catalog our books and play library. Now that I’m grown and I love filling my home with wonderful literary resources, the desire for a home library has not diminished, rather it has increased. My old homeschool room…

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How to Add Style to Your Flooring on a Budget

We’ve been working on transforming the old back patio of our house into a new home library. It’s been an exciting project for many reasons, but the primary reason is that I’ve always wanted my own library! When we started this project, we had a pretty tight budget, so I thought we’d just finish the…

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