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Proverbs 17:17 – Scripture Coloring Sheet

By on February 4, 2016
scripture printable

It's funny how a simple verse can be so convicting once contemplated.  Does that ever happen to you?

I was looking for a verse to celebrate love and Valentines Day, and I ran across Proverbs 17:17.  Sandwiched between verses describing the perils of evildoing, false talking, and crooked hearts, there's this one little jewel of a proverb:

A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for adversity.

It struck me that true friendship, like this verse, is an oasis in the midst of hardships.  Love is not just something that we express once a year with a card and flowers, or with pancakes, strawberries, and cool whip.  The love of a friend is ever enduring.  In the midst of life's adversities, God has given us the gift of friendship to bless us with a reprieve from trials.

As a woman, I typically think of Valentines Day as the day where my husband can shower me with love.  I'm just being honest here.  If my husband is my best friend, I should be showering him with love at all times.   

a friend loves at all times


When conviction comes while I color, I know that I had better pay attention and fix my eyes on the Lord to equip me to love like this.  This is not something I am capable of on my own.

My girls each colored a copy and these will be posted around the house as symbols of reminders of truth.

scripture coloring sheet

You can download the coloring sheet HERE!

A hand lettered coloring sheet on Proverbs 17_17 - the love of a friend

I hope that I can be ever more generous with my love to my friends.

A friend loves at all times

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Mastering Latin Declensions Shouldn’t Be So Scary!

By on February 1, 2016
Latin Noun, Pronoun, and Adjective Declensions charts for practice.

When you hear the words "Latin declensions" do you start to shiver?  For a long time, I had no idea what that even meant, so it sounded even scarier!  The reality is that we do this in English, but since it's our native tongue, we don't give it much thought unless we hear someone say something that sounds odd.

If I were to say, "God loves you," you'd think that sounded lovely, right?!  How about if I said, "Him loves you."  You'd immediately notice that there's something out of place.  The reason this sets off alarms in your ears is that the pronoun "he" isn't being properly declined.  You see the relics of the declension system in our pronouns.  Consider:

Subject (Nominative) - He loves you.

Possessive (Genative) - His love is sufficient.

Indirect Object (Dative) - You give him your love.

Direct Object (Accusative) - You love him.

Object of the Preposition (Ablative) - You wrap your arms around him.

While there are some repeated forms of the pronoun "he", you can see that we also use different forms that are appropriate for the job the word is performing in the sentence. In Latin, every noun, pronoun, and adjective work this way.  They are declined according to one of five families of declensions of which they belong.

If you can master the declension endings, then you're set for translating Latin!

Mastering Latin declensions brings power to the Latin student.

As you approach learning a new language, the more time you devote to strength training in the beginning, the better equipped you'll be to sustain your study over the long haul.

I've noticed a tendency for students to rest in their "good guessing abilities" when approaching Latin.  I'll confess that when I started my study, I hoped my ability to accurately guess the right answer 85% of the time would carry me.  I watched my son, who did the hard work of memorizing the vocabulary and declensions, sail through his study with confidence and great accuracy, while I laboriously looked up each word in a sentence to translate.

Taking a cue from him, I've gone back to shore up my grammar skills by copying and memorizing charts.  I can't tell you how empowering it is to know the right answer and be able to defend it because I know the grammar.  It's a beautiful thing.

Latin declensions don't have to be so scary...take it a step at a time, and work to master the grammar, and watch your speed, confidence, and accuracy increase.

Latin Declensions Mastery Charts

Latin Nouns Pronouns and Adjectives PNGThis PDF download resource includes:

–     Full color charts for 1st-5th Declensions

–     Full color charts for 1st - 3rd Person Pronouns, as well as several other Pronouns to practice declining

–     Full color charts for 1st - 3rd declension Adjectives

–     Black and White versions of the declension charts for easy printing

–     Blank charts to fill in

–     A master list of nouns used in the Henle I text – organized by declension

You only need one copy per family.  Since it's a PDF, you can make as many copies as you'd like for any students in your family.


Click here to see a preview of what’s in this resource.

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I also have put together a similar resource for learning verb conjugations ($8).  Together, these two resources will help build a strong foundation for any Latin student.

Latin Chart Bundle

Get both resources for $12

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Happy Latin muscle building!

Here are some of my other Latin resources:

Identifying the Gender of Latin Nouns - an Infographic

Latin Noun Declension Worksheets for Elementary Students

Latin Verb Conjugation Present Stem Worksheets for Elementary Students

Latin Verb Conjugations Perfect Stem Worksheets for Elementary Students

Henle Latin Resources

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Free Printable: Key Ring Math Facts Flashcards

By on January 25, 2016

Math facts have been an important part of any student's education for a long time.  It seems we try to find ways around "rote memory", but watching my son beat me in solving math problems while I'm trying to figure the answer out on my calculator has fully convinced me that these facts are vital to success in upper math.  Therefore, I'm not giving up on drilling my girls in their math facts until it becomes like breathing to them to solve 8 x 6.

Printable flashcards for math facts through 15x15

This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see my full disclosure policy for more details.  

As a part of our Classical Conversations memory work, every year we memorize math facts.  For kids younger than 10, we skip count, but once they are old enough, they memorize their times tables.  This time of year we are preparing for Memory Master, which challenges students to recite all of their memory work for the entire year.  My son loved the math recitation. He could go through the times tables at top speed with great accuracy without really batting an eye.  I thought my daughters would do the same.

I was wrong.

My second child could talk circles around my son.  She is insightful in ways that he is not. However, math doesn't gel in her brain like it did his.  When we prepared for memory master last year, we hand wrote all of our math facts on to flash cards to help her study and succeed in memorizing all of them. Thankfully, she made it, but this year I thought we'd jazz it up with some colorful and fun flash cards that aren't as tedious to lug around.

Math facts flashcards on a keyring

The printable includes all of the math facts starting with 1 x 1, and ending with 15 x 15.


portable flashcards for math facts up to 15 x 15


Print these out on heavy cardstock front and back, then cut them out.  If you want them even more sturdy, you can laminate them. I punched a hole in the side and put them on a key ring so that we wouldn't lose any.  This makes them easy to take with us wherever we're going to get more math fact practice!

Math facts to print

Some tips on cutting:

  • Cut 1" off of the bottom of the page (where the website link is located)
  • Cut 1/4" off each side
  • Flash cards are 1.5" x 3.5"
  • Use a portable paper cutter to make straight and even cuts

If you'd like someone to print and cut your flashcards for you, check out the flashcard cutting specialists of CC Services & Co. They'd be happy to get you all set for memorizing vocab!

So if you like my printable key ring math facts flashcards and would like to print them out for yourself, put your email address in the box below.  You will receive an email from me, asking you to click a link to confirm that you are you.  Then you’ll receive the link to the download.  Let me know what you think!

keyring math facts flashcards (3)
I've linked up with other iHomeschoolNetwork bloggers to share some more great free printables.  Click below to check them out!

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Scripture Meditation: Free Adult Coloring Printable

By on January 21, 2016
Adult Coloring Printable

I am totally on board with the adult coloring craze!  If you could have only seen my notes from college, you'd know that I must have been way ahead of the trend, because this is what I did to focus my thoughts as I listened to lectures.  Typically my mind is all over the place, so finding ways to slow down, rest, and meditate on scripture can be tricky.  All I need is a good story on audible, or some good music to listen to, and a coloring sheet, and I can slow myself down to rest in the Lord and refill my soul.

Adult Coloring Printable Jeremiah 29:11

This post may contain affiliate links.  See my full disclosure policy for more details.

This verse holds special meaning for me as it is the verse that was the theme verse at my wedding.  It's always interesting how God works in our lives.  This verse has been something I have clung to in hard times when my faith was tested beyond what I thought was bearable.  Thankfully our God is a God that is trustworthy and reliable. He works toward making us more Christ-like which offers great hope in times of trial.

I want to pass the legacy of trusting the Lord on to my children, and what a better way to help them meditate on this truth than with a coloring page!  If it's pretty enough they might just want to put it up on their bulletin board, or on the refrigerator which will serve to continue reminding us of this encouragement in the days and weeks to come.

My Favorite Adult Coloring Tools


I think I was spoiled growing up in a home with an artist father, because I grew up using Prismacolor pencils for my art projects and now I can't go back.  If you've never colored with these before and you love to doodle, then this is a worthy investment.  If those are too expensive, then my second choice brand is Prang.  I also love the pencil holder my husband made me!  You can get one from his Etsy store here.

Adult Coloring supplies


If you don't like coloring with pencils, there are some really great pen options out there.  Staedtler pens are amazing, and the case is so fun to use.  My dad also brought home Pentel Color markers from a trip to China he took over twenty years ago, and these markers are still some of my favorites.

Print and Color

Click on the image below to download the PDF version of the image to print and enjoy!

Jeremiah 29:11 Adult Coloring Printable

If you enjoyed this printable, please pin it with the image below!  Thanks for sharing!

Jeremiah 29-11 (3)

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Latin Verb Conjugation Muscle Memory Conditioning

By on December 7, 2015

Feeling beat down by your study of Latin verb conjugation paradigms?  I'm in my third year of my Latin studies, and I keep hitting the verb portion of my Henle I textbook and feel like I've hit a brick wall. What I've realized each time is that my grammar muscles are flabby, and I need to pause just going through the motions of completing lessons in the book, and take some time out for conditioning my brain with the grammar.  When I use the word "grammar" I'm referring to the basics of a field of study, or the foundational information that you need to know in order to master a subject.

Take football for example.  It's my favorite sport to watch. I was raised watching the Dallas Cowboys beside my father during their glory years.  While there were many gifted players on the team at that time, one of my favorite players to watch was Charles Haley - a defensive end.  It might seem a strange position to be my favorite, but he was unstoppable. In order to be a great defensive end, you need to be strong and quick.  One of the main goals in this position is sacking the quarterback.  To get to the quarterback, you have to make it past some large offensive linemen.  Haley was exceptionally good at this.  Undoubtedly, his effectiveness was strengthened by conditioning:  weight lifting, speed drills, etc.  The act of lifting weights is not a part of the game of football, but the results of lifting weights is.

Latin is just the same.

You see, it isn't that Latin verbs are too complicated to learn, it's just that my brain is a bit out of shape, and I don't want to do the hard work of memorizing the way that verbs are conjugated in Latin.  I am completely capable of conjugating verbs, and I know this because I do it in English all the time.  When I'm working through a Latin textbook, and I'm finding myself guessing, I know it's because I'm completely out of shape. In order to combat the tendency to check out, I have to get off of the conveyor belt of checking boxes and start to copy charts.  Even though it feels like I'm not making progress because I'm not making it further through the book, I'm building muscles that will allow me to move faster through the book...and actually understand what I'm doing.

Latin Verb Conjugation

I have found that copying charts accomplishes great things for memory work that will last.  First of all, when you have to copy something down, you have to look at it closely.  As you look closely, you start to notice patterns, and the overwhelming amount of the unknown shrinks.  Additionally, the more you copy it, the faster you long as you have a passion to get it done!  When you exercise the muscle of copying charts, you are training your brain to retain the information.

Latin Verb Conjugation Charts & How we use them:

I have put together a Latin Verb Conjugating Training Program of sorts...a resource in chart copying form.  Essentially, I have laid out the basics of verbs in a simple and eye-pleasing way to help imprint the big picture of verbs into the minds of anyone who desires to join the Latin Verb boot camp and build some memory muscles.  The charts go through each of the four conjugations, as well as the irregular form of "sum" and identify all of the forms for active and passive voice.  Even if what I said just went over your head, that's okay!  Copying these charts will build muscles that will be ready for the work of understanding when you get there.

Once a day, my son and I sit down with a chart that we haven't mastered, and we choose a verb from the list to practice conjugating.  I do this with him because I want to learn as well.  You don't need any prior experience to copy a chart!  We will copy this chart daily, changing out verbs, until we can complete it from memory.  Then we'll move to another chart and begin the process again.

Latin Verb Conjugations


Latin Verb Conjugation



What's Included in the Resource: 

-     Full color charts for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Conjugations

-     Black and White charts copies of the conjugation charts for easy printing

-     Blank charts to fill in

-     A master list of verbs used in the Henle I text - organized by conjugation


Click here to see a preview of what's in this resource.

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Easy Purchase & Download

Right after your purchase at eJunkie with Paypal, you will receive a link where you may download the Latin Master Charts: Verbs eBook immediately.

Save it to your computer as a PDF file so you can access easily on your computer, and print resources as needed.

Who's ready for some Latin weight lifting?

I also have put together a similar resource for learning Latin Declensions ($5).  Together, these two resources will help build a strong foundation for any Latin student.

Latin Chart Bundle

Get both resources for $12

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Happy Latin muscle building!

Here are some of my other Latin resources:

Identifying the Gender of Latin Nouns – an Infographic

Latin Noun Declension Worksheets for Elementary Students

Latin Verb Conjugation Present Stem Worksheets for Elementary Students

Latin Verb Conjugations Perfect Stem Worksheets for Elementary Students

Henle Latin Resources

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