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Latin Helps

Master Latin Verbs with 4 Principal Parts Tests & Quizzes

When Andy and I first encountered Latin verbs, we felt lost and confused. He started to gain some understanding when he started copying Latin conjugation charts. However, we still didn’t understand the importance of memorizing the 4 Principal Parts of every verb in the vocabulary. After we discovered the vast importance of knowing each of these…

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Strengthen Translation Skills with Latin Vocabulary Quizzes

The two things that make working through Latin translations faster are memorizing vocabulary and memorizing the paradigms (declensions of nouns and conjugations of verbs). I’ve seen this first hand as I have worked through Henle’s First Year Latin text with my son. He worked to memorize the vocabulary with flashcards, and I hoped that I could flip…

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Latin with Andy – Behind the Scenes

A year ago, my son and I launched ourselves out on a crazy adventure that has surprised us beyond measure. To celebrate a year of loving learning Latin with people all over the world, we’re taking a moment to give you a glimpse behind the scenes of Latin with Andy and giving gifts to our…

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How to Prepare for the National Latin Exam

For the past three years, my son Andy has been taking the National Latin Exam every spring. It’s a short, standardized test designed to assess a student’s understanding of the Latin language and culture. I like the test because it’s cheap (only $5 to take), but it offers an excellent testing experience for my homeschooler.…

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