Master Latin Verbs with 4 Principal Parts Tests & Quizzes

When Andy and I first encountered Latin verbs, we felt lost and confused. He started to gain some understanding when he started copying Latin conjugation charts. However, we still didn't understand the importance of memorizing the 4 Principal Parts of every verb in the vocabulary.

After we discovered the vast importance of knowing each of these forms, he worked to master memorizing them. I've come up with a new resource to help my daughters follow Andy's example that we're sharing with you today!

4 Principal Parts of Latin Verbs

The challenge of understanding the value of the four forms of each verb is that when you learn 1st Conjugation verbs, they are all regular, so if you know the pattern of one, you can replicate the pattern for all of the others.

This isn't always the case. Once you hit 3rd conjugation verbs, you're sunk. They are all irregular. Not only that, but you need to know each of the 4 principal parts to build all of the forms of every verb. Phew.

Of course, knowing the endings that are added onto the 4 principal parts is just as important as knowing the 4 principal parts themselves. Here are some FREE printable verb charts to help you practice your verb endings!

Latin Verb Conjugations Free Printable

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    If you're like me, you may not have recognized the importance of knowing the 4 principal parts until you'd already been introduced to about 50 verbs. Then new verbs were continually being thrown at you at such a terrible speed that it seemed impossible to fix the problem.

    The good news is that it is never too late. I've been working on learning Latin with the First Year Latin book for the past six years, and it's slow going on this older brain. Each year brings more clarity and understanding.

    However, I want my daughters to have this memory work locked away for the time when they realize they need it!

    4 Principal Parts Tests & Quizzes

    So I created a resource to help me assess their progress in learning the 4 principal parts of verbs. There are four sections for each lesson:

    • A verb chart that includes the 4 principal parts of all of the new verbs from the lesson. This is your study guide, quick reference, and answer key for the tests and quizzes.
    • The next two sections offer partially filled-in charts for quizzing. This allows students to be tested on their knowledge before having to know everything. They can see where they need to focus their review studies.
    • The last section includes a blank chart that only includes the English verb. This requires students to recall which conjugation that verb belongs to and the 4 principal parts of the verb.

    At the end of the resource, I've included a blank chart for students to create their own quizzes for any verbs that continue to give them trouble.

    Mastering this memory work will set my Latin students up for success.

    4 Principal Parts: Tests and Quizzes

    What to expect in the Latin Vocabulary Quizzes PDF download:

    • 56 pages
    • Print off the quizzes and tests. If there are two on a sheet, cut them in half.
    • A completed verb chart from lessons 9-42 of Henle's First Year Latin to study. This will also serve as the answer key for the quizzes and tests.
    • There is a blank chart at the end if you wish to create your own chart study guide for verbs that give you problems.

    If you're a Latin with Andy member, the 4 principal parts quizzes, as well as the rest of these resources, are free in the printables zone.

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      Thank you for all your help! We couldn’t survive Latin without y’all!

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