Strengthen Translation Skills with Latin Vocabulary Quizzes

The two things that make working through Latin translations faster are memorizing vocabulary and memorizing the paradigms (declensions of nouns and conjugations of verbs). I've seen this first hand as I have worked through Henle's First Year Latin text with my son. He worked to memorize the vocabulary with flashcards, and I hoped that I could flip fast enough to the page where the word was introduced to remind myself of the term. In the same way, he memorized the paradigms so that identifying the form or creating the correct form seemed effortless to him.

While effortless might be a stretch, I know that the muscles he'd strengthened did make him faster than me. With this in mind, my husband created a resource that I think you're going to love: Latin Vocabulary Quizzes.

Vocabulary Quizzes

Latin Vocabulary Reference Sheets

First of all, before you can be quizzed on anything, you need to have a reference sheet to learn from. We use vocabulary cards to practice our vocabulary, but it's good to have the info in different forms to help your brain retain it.

We've broken down the vocabulary quizzes by lesson, with the vocabulary listed in the order they're introduced in Henle's First Year Latin text. This is a great tool for keeping out in front of you while you work through the exercises.

Two words you might not be familiar with are lexical form (the way you'd find them in the dictionary) and lexical definition (the simple definition given in the dictionary).

Vocabulary Quizzes

From Reference to Quiz

When I saw my husband making these reference sheets, I thought that would be a great tool for quizzing my kids on their vocabulary. 

I asked him to make an additional document that just took the English translation of the Latin vocabulary word. This makes a quick way to quiz your student's mastery of the vocabulary from a particular lesson.

Vocabulary Quizzes

To take things a step further, I also asked him to create another form that took the Latin vocabulary word off of the reference sheet.  This allows you to assess their further understanding of the vocabulary from a lesson.

If students can recall the Latin word required for translations from English to Latin, they will be able to complete their work so much faster.

Vocabulary Quizzes

Latin Vocabulary Quizzes

What to expect in the Latin Vocabulary Quizzes PDF download:

  • 141 pages
  • The first section contains basic vocabulary lists for study and quick reference for each Henle lesson.
  • The second section has the same format with blanks for the English meanings of the Latin words. Use these quizzes to assess mastery of translating vocabulary from Latin to English.
  • The third section continues the format from before with blanks for the Latin vocabulary. Use these quizzes to assess mastery of translating vocabulary from English to Latin.

These resources are included in the Latin with Andy membership!

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  1. Amy on November 22, 2021 at 9:42 pm

    I’m trying to find a link to purchasing the vocabulary quizzes for Henle 2. This looks like it is just for Henle 1?? Please direct me to the correct page!

    • Betsy on January 4, 2022 at 10:11 am

      So sorry for the delayed response! We actually do not offer quizzes right now for Henle 2. Thanks for letting us know that you were interested! 🙂

      • Betsy on January 4, 2022 at 10:25 am

        Amy, I realized we did have it but only in our Latin with Andy membership site, but we set it up as a separate file to purchase if you like. It’s $5 for all of Henle 2 vocabulary quizzes: I hope that helps!

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