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Latin with Andy Code Breakers

When we started making Latin videos for Latin with Andy in 2017, we had no idea what we were in for! We have learned so much on our journey, and we’re excited to share a new branch of the Latin with Andy resources: Code Breakers. Andy had the opportunity to work with some younger students…

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10 Tips for Success with Essentials at Home

It is so easy to get overwhelmed when you’re starting off in the Classical Conversation Essentials program. The material might be new to both you and your student. Often, it’s just challenging to fit all the subjects that you want to accomplish in one school day. Then you head to your first weeks of Essentials,…

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Gearing Up for Essentials – The Inside Scoop

I love the Classical Conversations program Essentials. I’ve had a kid in Essentials for the past six years, and I’m looking at four more years with kids in the program. I think that is just about the right amount of time to actually learn English grammar and the basics of writing – ten years, for…

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Board Slam Battleship

In Classical Conversations, we have an awesome game called Board Slam that we play to help with our number fluency.  This game is such a great way to play with numbers.  It’s become such a hit with the kids that Classical Conversations has turned it into a national competition called National Number Knockout. In our community,…

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