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There are some life skills that I don't want my kids to leave home without knowing. I feel equipped to pass on my skills in cooking, house cleaning, and laundry, but teaching kids about money, if it is more that just the basics, feels a little out of my range. Now more than ever, kids need to know how to make wise decisions with their finances, and thankfully there are some great online tools to fill in the gaps for me!

teaching kids about money

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MoneyTime Financial Literacy Course

MoneyTime has developed an online course geared towards tweens and teens to lay a foundation for financial literacy. It offers great homeschooling tips for teaching kids about money. While the age range is 10-14, my 16-year-old tried it out with me and she loved it!

teaching kids about money

There are a total of 30 modules to work through (with an additional 13 parent/child modules) that each take roughly 20 minutes to complete. Students choose an avatar and have fun applying the things they learn to grow their net wealth and dress up their avatar. They earn money as they advance in their career, invest their money, and answer quiz questions correctly. It's very motivating to watch their bank account grow!

investing for kids

Topics Covered in MoneyTime

I love that there is a wide range of topics covered in the MoneyTime Financial Literacy course. Topics include:

  • Earning, saving, and employment - students calculate hourly rates, compare the earning potential of two jobs, and discuss wise spending. As their income grows, they can invest in more education which allows them to get a higher paying job.
  • Smart Spending, Budgets, Banking and Payments - students discuss wise spending and creative options for getting the things they want. They get to manage a checking and savings account to watch their money grow.
financial literacy
  • Borrowing, Loans and Repayments - students learn when it is wise to borrow, and when it is not. They use online calculators (built into the program) that show how long it will take to pay off those loans! It was very eye opening to my teen!
  • Rent or Buy, Mortgages and Buying Property - as students progress through the program, they practice budgeting which helps them assess whether they can afford to buy a house or not. Several modules require parent involvement. One assigns you to go online house shopping. We definitely had fun with that assignment!
  • Investing, Business Basics and Insurance - As an entrepreneur, I love exploring the income generating opportunities available. By taking away the fear of the unknown, kids will be more willing to consider these opportunities.

Invested in their Own Education

This is one of the best courses on investing for kids. The best part is that it offers them options to control their financial earning which gives them ownership of their education.

This lays an excellent foundation to build from as their interest grows in various aspects of gaining financial freedom. If you'd like additional guidance in navigating the curriculum, parents can download the free study guide. It offers great tips for working through this program with your student.


Family subscription packages

Check out MoneyTime’s financial literacy program for homeschoolers. They offer three different subscription packages for families, whether you’re looking for a program for 1, 2, or 3-5 children. Contact for subscriptions for more than 5 children. They love working with homeschoolers and want to help where they can.  

Money-Back Guarantee 

They also offer a generous 60-day money-back guarantee. That means you can try MoneyTime completely risk-free. If you’re not happy with it, they’ll refund your money in full!


Visit to MoneyTime and use the coupon code HSCHOOL20 at checkout to get 25% off any order. This discount applies to any subscription and never expires!

Enter to Win MoneyTime for Your Family

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