10 Gift Ideas with Essential Oils

The weather tells me that the holidays are just around the corner, and that means that I need to get my head in the game for creative gift ideas for everyone on my list. I love essential oils and I love making gifts whenever I can. Here are ten great ideas you can make with essential oils for anyone on your list.

1. Healthy & Cozy

I like to start with the easiest gift ideas that would make a great teacher's gift. Who doesn't like a new pair of fuzzy socks? Pair it with a convenient Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier bottle and you'll help them stay healthy and cozy all winter.

During the cold and flu season, I love to roll Thieves on the bottom of everyone's feet to strengthen their immune system. The Thieves Roll-On would also be a great addition to this gift set!

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2. Fun in the Kitchen

For the foodie in your life, give some einkorn pasta paired with oregano essential oils and a cute oven mitt. Other great oils for foodies include lemon, lime, and peppermint.

3. Holiday Spirit Clean Up

I found this new scrubby yarn that makes incredible dish scrubbies. The texture of this yarn is perfect for scrubbing those pots and pans. Pair this with some Thieves dish soap, and you'll keep your dish washer happy for days!

4. Fun for Kids

Another great gift is natural play dough scented with Essential Oils. I have a really hard time playing with the store bought play dough simply because of the smell it leaves on my hands for hours. Adding a couple of drops of my favorite oils makes all the difference!

5. Relax and Retreat

Anyone that needs a little pampering in their life will love this Coconut-lime replenishing body butter. This works wonders on rough feet and it smells so good! Pair it with a hand knitted washcloth or some coconut-lime bath bombs and

6. Cozy Comforts

If you're looking for a simple but sweet gift, a cute Christmas mug with some homemade peppermint hot chocolate mix or this marshmallow peppermint chocolate bark to mix in to your favorite hot chocolate drink! I always love a new cute coffee mug!

7. Christmas Spirit

Even though we don't get a live Christmas tree, I still love the smells of Christmas in my home. Gift a wooden or leather ornament with some Christmas Spirit blend, and you'll infuse your home with the smells of the season minus the mess.

8. Candy Cane Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub is such an easy DIY project that makes a wonderful gift with Essential Oils. Here's how you can make a layered pepermint scrub:

  • 2c sugar split in half.
  • Add enough oil of choice (I used coconut oil) til sugar is soft - about 1/4c.
  • Add red dye to one of the bowls and 8-10 drops of peppermint.
  • Layer red and white scrub in a jar of choice.

I found these cute jars with wooden spoons at Hobby Lobby, and I'll add a hand knitted wash rag with the scrub to finish out the gift.

9. Car Comforts

I love the car vent diffuser! It is so small and great for road trips or calming down on the way to work. Pair this with Orange in the morning or Stress Away on the way home. I'm thinking that Lemon might be good for long road trips with stinky kids, or Awaken for long drives at night.

10. Lavender Linen Spray

Speaking of eliminating odors, this Lavender Linen Spray would make a great gift for anyone. Use it to freshen up a room, or as a sleepy time spray in kids rooms.

There are so many fun ways to gift with oils! What are some of your favorite DIY gifts with Essential Oils?


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