5 Ways to Foster Family Wellness With Oils this Winter

My family has enjoyed the benefits of Young Living essential oils for the past three years. As I work to cultivate problem solving skills in my kids, I have appreciated the fact that oils give us another option for managing health. While we still go to the doctor occasionally, I love that it is not our only strategy for maintaining wellness. Since I'm still learning about using oils, I asked of my favorite oily friends Tricia to share with me some ways to foster family wellness with oils this winter.

1. Trade Out Candles for Diffusers

Tricia: One big change you can do for your family’s health over the coolest months is switching candles for a diffuser. Not only will you be removing all the toxin laden chemicals from candles and air fresheners, you will get the added benefits of inhaling the essential oils.

Me: I love this idea. For some reason, I am super sensitive to candle scents. They almost always give me an instant headache. However I don't have the same experience with my diffuser. I think I need to pull these back out and get them cranking!

2. Treat Yourself With Thieves Tea

Tricia: Thieves is powerful for immune support. Put in the diffuser, rub on your feet or take Thieves vitality internally. I love to make Thieves tea during this time of year. It is a great way to stay ahead of sickness but it's also comforting for when you feel bad all over.

Me: Thieves tea?! That sounds lovely. How do you make it?

Tricia: You can really use any hot tea, but I prefer Chai tea. Just add a drop of Thieves, 1-2 drops of lemon, and honey to taste. Yum!

Check out these fun tea time tools!

3. Treat the Feet

Me: I've heard that it's good to put oils on your feet. What are some good oils for this?

Tricia: Thieves is a great oil to start with. You can also use Immupower to help boost your immune system. Another great option is Exodus II. It is a blend of some familiar Biblical oils like Myrrh and Frankincense that provide great cleansing properties. 

Me: When the winter months hit, we try to use Thieves every night on our feet. I love knowing of other options that can help!

4. Keep Mama Healthy

Tricia: Young Living's Inner Defense™ is an excellent supplement for staying ahead of the weather! It boosts your defenses, repels any fungus or yeast growth, helps your breathing become more effective, and contains oils like oregano, thyme, and Thieves which support your immune system. This is a must have for this time of the year.

Me: It's so hard to remember that taking care of myself first is the best way to keep my family on their feet during the winter.

5. Stock Up on Oils that Support Healthy Breathing

Tricia: These three options are ones to make sure you keep in stock during these fall and winter seasons:

  • Breathe Again- features four variations of Eucalyptus, containing high amounts of cineole, invigorating and awakening aroma, apply to the neck or chest.
  • RC- a combination of cypress, three types of Eucalyptus, myrtle, spruce, peppermint, pine, lavender, and marjoram. Invigorates he mind, soothes the respiratory system, may provide relief to the sinus passages, relieves discomforts related to environmental factors.
  • Raven- a blend of ravensara, lemon, wintergreen, peppermint and eucalyptus radiata. Supports the respiratory system, soothes the throat, invigorating, immune support, grounding and balancing to the mind.

Any of these are beneficial to apply before or during a workout to help with oxygen flow in the body.

Me: I love my Breathe Again roll on! My daughter also has really enjoyed SniffleEase™ to help her breathe at night. Our rookie tip is don't diffuse Raven at bedtime...that invigorating property really works! My daughter and I had clear noses, but we were WIDE awake!

I love these tips for family wellness that really could be utilized at anytime of the year.

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