30 Ways to Enjoy 30 Minutes of Peace with a Mother’s Day Code Breaker

Okay....thirty minutes of peace might be pretty rare in your home, but a mom can dream right?! My kids love these code breaker activities! I have a Mother's Day themed one for you today. My hope is that you can print this baby off, give it to your crew, challenge them to break the code, encourage them to write a secret code message for you to break, and in the mean time grab 30 minutes of peace for yourself. Am I stretching too far here?

Regardless of how you carve out that thirty minutes of peace, here are some ideas of how to spend it wisely. Rest has become a very important practice in my life. I too often lean on my own understanding and strength to get me through the day. Rest reminds me that I desperately need the Lord for all things in my life. That's a good thing.

Download your Free Mother's Day Code Breaking Printable

30 Ways to Enjoy 30 Minutes of Peace

  1. Brew a cup of coffee, go outside, sit in the shade and listen to the birds.
  2. Grab your Bible, and read through the Psalms.
  3. Get a good book and snuggle up on the couch to read.
  4. Lock yourself in the bathroom and paint your toenails!
  5. Get back in bed and listen to a favorite podcast.
  6. Grab a magazine and leisurely browse the pictures...when was the last time you did that?!
  7. Put on some headphones and jam out to your favorite playlist.
  8. Pull up a chair to a window and watch the squirrels in the front yard.
  9. Take a bubble bath.
  10. Take a long shower and actually shave your legs!
  11. Do a crossword puzzle.
  12. Try sudoko.
  13. Pull out some colored pencils, print off a verse coloring sheet, and color!
  14. Get on Furkot and plan your family's next vacation.
  15. Browse through old family photo albums.
  16. Write down celebrations from the year so far to share with your family later.
  17. Dream about the future.
  18. Get a deck of cards and play solitaire...do you even remember how?!
  19. Take a pencil and paper outside and sketch your favorite tree.
  20. Doodle a lovely verse or quote in your Bullet Journal.
  21. Crochet or knit while listening to an audio book.
  22. Sometimes there's nothing more relaxing than a power nap.
  23. If you have older kids that can oversee this activity, drive to Sonic for happy hour and get your favorite large drink to savor.
  24. Get your camera out (or your smart phone) and go take beautiful pictures of flowers around your yard enjoying the beauty of God's creation.
  25. Play a musical instrument.
  26. Make a list of books you'd love to read in the future.
  27. Pursue a hobby that's been left in the dust.
  28. Practice your calligraphy on a favorite verse.
  29. Memorize a verse.
  30. Read one of Paul's letters from start to finish...or have it read to you by Max McLean.

I've come to realize that resting isn't always just avoiding activity. Often it includes things that rejuvenate your soul. It's important to discover what that is for you, and choose those activities even if you only get thirty minutes to enjoy them.

Download your Free Mother's Day Code Breaking Printable


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